Anybody else had a problem like this with BN 220mm trucks?

Just got these BN 220mm trucks yesterday and noticed the axles are bigger than the 8mm described on the site, my guess is 10mm since it doesn’t fit in the bearings. Also noticed the holes for the axles to go into are two different sizes on each truck, one truck hole is smaller and the other is bigger. Already contacted Kevin so hopefully we can get this figured out, has anybody else had a problem like this and did you get it resolved?

Pictures below

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I ordered a set of 220s recently, and they came with 10mm axles instead of 8mm. It doesnt say in product description, but i assume strength and universality with the 270s. you could grab a set of stepped axles from bn if needed, or just grab 10id bearings :man_shrugging:

Maybe they did the same with the 220s, but just haven’t changed the description. I already have 4 of the 10mm axles. If I were to go that route I’ll have to get the same size truck as the other since one of the trucks the axles doesn’t fit cuz of the smaller hole. I’m not sure if 10id bearings would work with my street wheels, we’ll see how it goes

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This appears to be a packing error. I do believe they were switched to stepped at some point, but it looks like u got an old one and a new one together

Also the website is out of date and doesn’t show all offerings so lol


That’s what I think is they mixed up an old one with a new one. So the 10mm axle is the newly updated one or the 8mm just so I know what to send incase I’m able to do a exchange

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Uh I think the 10mm is the newer one, cuz my old ones were straight 8

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Alright, it would be nice if I could get the 8mm so it’s less of hassle but if that’s not the case. I still want to use my clouds, do you think 10mm bearings would work with it or I won’t be able to use those wheels at all

10mm bearings will work fine. you’ll ideally want the fasteddy 10x22x7 bearings as opposed to standard 10x22x6.

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Would that work with the clouds or a street urethane wheel and would I need speed rings and spacers for the bearings, if so. Do you know what size?

Yes, it’ll work with any traditional skate wheels that use standard skate bearings. You will need a different bearing spacer, i always just purchase a bit of aluminum tube and cut it to length, but you might be able to buy some from surfrodz or whatnot. Not too sure there.

Yeah but zealous are better, hopefully he can get 8s

Same here, we’ll see how it goes. Zealous only supports the 8mm, don’t see anything about the 10mm but crossing my fingers I can get 8mms