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Any riders / group rides in Chicago?

First of all, I don’t know which category to put this in lol so

I was rather active on here a while ago but I had to take a break to focus more on finishing up college and finding a job so that I wouldn’t get kicked out of this country lol… I found a job and moved to Chicago about a month ago!

So it’s time to get back into esk8 (meaning it’s time to irresponsibly spend my entire paycheck on building a new board)! Are any of you in the Chicago area? I live pretty close to downtown and would love to join in on group rides if there are any.


You may want to check this page out. This is how i find about their group rides. I live in Milwaukee (90 miles north of (Chicago)

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Yo man- I moved here a year ago and skate a bunch. Shoot me a message and let’s ride

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Yup, I’m from Chicago. Check out Chicago E-skate on Facebook and join the telegram. Huge DIYers out here and also Chibatterysystems. Awesome group of people

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I live in DuPage county, not far from Chicago, currently making my first build so once it’s done I’ll be down to skate

Where in DuPage you at?

Glendale Heights

Dope, I’m in Bensenville. Are you the one who adds the charge spots on the map in Glendale heights?

Nope. I joined this forum not long ago

Maybe the one that says group rides lol


lol what’s up :joy:

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definitely. what area are you in?

I’m in Chicago, 10 minutes south of downtown. I’m down to ride (whenever I get my my boards up and running that is :laughing:)