Any Kaly Style Complete Builds for sale ? Uk or EU

Looking to see if there’s a Kaly Style complete build for sale before I pull the trigger on something else .
Don’t want a top mounted batt box build :call_me_hand:


What’s your budget out of interest

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@trampa sells some customs minus the battery

Also @tinp123 has an awesome AT sort of build for sale right now

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I’ve been waiting for Trampa to get the motor clamps back in stock so they could complete the Orrsom Board with 6.5” Urban wheels but while I’ve been waiting I’ve been looking it their Urban Carver twin motor model (see pic ) but I just don’t like the battery box position and am not really fussed on the battery box design on the middle of the decks . I much prefer an under deck enclosure hence my post on hear to see if there were any Kaly style completes before I go ahead and just get the Orrsom .

Look at @tinp123 build for sale really awesome build which I think is what you are looking for

this one

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