Any help welcome Flipsky dual 6.7 pro mini

So I got this vesc like week or two ago been busy set it up correctly worked fine parked it! Next day only Fsesc #2 is coming on no lights nothing on the other side I completely inspected it nothing looks toasted or anything like that won’t register on vesc program is there anyway to fix this any help is much appreciated

No blue or green light on the other side?

This one?

A few things you can check with a multimeter with it unplugged

  • Resistance of 3.3v to gnd (use pins on SWD port) - if it’s short likely dead STM32 or CANBUS
  • Resistance of 5v to gnd (use pins on PPM port) - if it’s short likely dead DRV chip
  • Resistance between phases. Should be around 60-80kohms from bullet to bullet. If one is off likely shorted mosfets.

Yup that’s it

I mean the model I have I will check what ya said to with my m-meter thanks for your insight sir !!

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What would be the issues if one of the ports shown circled positive met ground? What would I be needing to fix or is it unfixable?

It can short out some of the microchips making that side not work until the chips are replaced.

Here is a DRV8302 replacement for example

Thank you so very much @jaykup Really tho appreciate the info this job is just a lil bit out of my capabilities any one in US fix things like this for people my solider skills are in there infancy I would make a mess or end up destroying beyond repair lol