Any Double Stacked Trampa Carver Enclosures?

Title says it all. Anyone make double stacked Trampa carver enclosures? I can only find single stack ones from @eBoosted and Kaly. Wanting to fit something more than 4p and am feeling out my options.

If not, I was thinking of a hybrid single stack and a batt box on top of the deck but that just adds another layer of complexity, and after seeing those thicc new lacroix enclosures I want to do something similar.

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Hello, I’m going to release this enclosure maybe this weekend, I’ve been working on it for quite sometime and I’m in the final stage.

Please hang on tight and I’ll update the eBoosted enclosures thread :sunglasses:


Dayyum, great timing!

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Carver DS enclosures have been out for a while

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will this fit the regular non carver decks?
any chance yo have dimensions for the pockets?
contemplating a bottom enclosure for my 12s4p qb26800s

You mean the hs11?

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Will not fit 12s4p 26800, these cells are huuuge bro. The tub is not wide enough for 8 cells to fit next to one another. If you get creative might fit 12s3p with those cells…I would hold off buying an enclosure untill you have the deck and can layout the cells on it to see exactly what you are dealing with.


cool. was just a though. Chances are that deck will not see bottom enclosures.
Its purpose will either be long distance trail board or jumper.
either with the big box battery or some light lipos.
I’d like to be able to swap between packs.

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