Any datalogger solution to analyse Esk8 performance ? Battery, Motors, Drivers, Voltage, Current, Heat, Speed, vibration.. any data


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To get the best performance our of the esk8s, its uber important to analyse the performance, draw and investigate the graphics, compare them at the same timeline… Battery, Motors, Drivers, Voltage, Current, Heat, Speed, vibration and more…

How you guys do that ? What do you use ? What type of affordable DATA LOGGERs are on the market for this purpose ? Is it worth designing and building an affordable DATALOGGER for esk8 performance analysis ?

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Nothing more you need in my opinion.


Thanks @Andy87 Very compact solution indeed, I need something to analyse the esk8 on the desk with many parameters, investigated it and couldnt see the answers of these questions, if you know the answer for any of them can you help me by answering ?;

Does that log the data or just send and show the data ? Is the hardware versatile ? is the software and app versatile ? Can we increase the number of data logging channels? Are the channels programable for different kinds of datas ?

Thanks again

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you can read out and record all for us most necessary data from the vesc. it works with all vesc and firmware versions so far as well as with the enertion unity, but you will need to buy the bt module from them to make it work with the free app. the app is in constant development.
if you need any detailed information you should read through the thread @Goldrabe linked. If thats not answering all your questions you can always sent the developer a PM.

I think you will have a hard time to log things like vibration with the metr module, but that´s also not what the average diyer need to know. we don´t do the certification for the vescs, we just want to know how fast and far we where driving, how much amps we where drawing or how warm our motor/vesc where during the ride.

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@Andy87 @Goldrabe thank you guys, I clearly understand the capabilities of that module and the app… Andy you are right, most of the DIYers get what they need from that device, but there may be some that need more… For example, you build your esk8 and put it on the test bench… There, you may need to see all the parameter in a defined time period and then build some performance charts… Mechanical, physical, electrical signals will give you so many clues to take the performance to the highest level… If there is excessive vibration, for example, there can be something wrong in motor connections & windings… There may be some fluctuations that human cannot detect with eyes… So I still think that a proper datalogger may help

How you imagine your data logger?
You free to develop what ever you think is necessary. It can just be an advantage for us all.

Maybe you can be a bit more precise in what and how you imagine your logger and why we really need it.

Maybe i‘m wrong or don’t think out of the box, but I don’t test things under load on the bench. Why? Because I basically don’t have the opportunities for it. So I go out on the street and ride my board. Vibrations are always everywhere, sometimes stronger, sometimes less, so I don’t mind about that. Ok, so after that ride i‘m not happy with the performance of my board. I open my data log, check the values and adjust my vesc settings according to the head room I have. I repeat that as often has necessary till i‘m happy with the result.
If the vesc has a fault it will be displayed in the app as well but probably you will notice that anyways during ride.
I mean if one vesc or one motor gets hotter than the other I can see that there is something wrong. Our boards are limited in what can go wrong or be wrong adjusted. I mean how you want to check or better let’s say detect a bad/cold solder join with your data logger?


Built into the mamba xlx.


Excellent, thanks for sharing that @MoeStooge . As I see that there is a helpful community here like this, We got motivated a lot. The feedback we got from this title is that the esk8 brands already provides some solutions on data analysis and a more versatile and well defined datalogger may also help more…

Dear @Andy87 , thank you so much for spending your time and write in a detailed manner. I appreciate that.

I think you are an experienced esk8 rider and your feedback is important. I clearly understand the situation and how riders (I think most of them do like this) uses what they already have in their hands, and its all about the needs, I totally agree with that. We use what we need.

What I am offering is a versatile datalogger that , with apropriate sensors and connections, users can use it in anyway they like freely. Let me try to explain, the branded onboard data output can give you parameter a, b, c on platform x… I still think that the options are limited there… What I am thinking is a datalogger that you can use on platform x, y, z, t… and get parameters, a, a1, a2, b, b1, b2, c,d,e,f,g,h,j… with wider and versatile options…

Another example… We use some electronic circuits right, on them there is an lcd showing some data values… One user can say that ok the datas I see on the lcd is enough… Another user may want to use a multimeter to see more, to check if the values on lcd are accurate… Another user may want to use oscilloscope… Another one may want to go far deeper… This is like that…

You are right my friend, I should define my offering first, what kind of datalogger… Then the community member can say that ok we can use it or no, its nonsense…

Please lets stay in touch, thanks for the tips.

I can see this being super useful for an e-skate company that is prototyping a new product to be mass-produced, so they can fine tune parameters and identify problem areas. But at $1300 this is definitely not your average DIYers piece of kit :scream::scream:


:slight_smile: yeah you have a good point of view :+1: but I guess there are some guys among us in this community that are much more capable than the ones in the esk8 companies, they would like to go deeper in tech and they will love the device… After their reviews, hopefully other DIY’ers would like to start using it… And, the device would be super affordable for a DIY’er :+1: Otherwise its nonsense to have it, you are right…

I use metr pro for the drive train and an amazon gadget called “sensor push” to check lipo temps.

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android - Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts. Developed and Supported in The USA


Yes, I spilled water directly on sensors while they were on the counter away from the lipos. also that 92F temp occurred while they separate from the lipos, resting on a charger heat sink.

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Thanks for the info Mike :+1:, I will investigate that solutions you use… Its so clear that there are many professional riders in the community who respect performance and do lots of things to increase it !! Its so cool