Antispark button replacements? Latching or momentary. Custom light colours

I was wondering if anyone tried to change the buttons that come with most antisparks.
I’m looking for some good sources of buttons; mouser, farnell and similar chains are good for quality, but it becomes an adventure trying to see how most buttons look like, how bright the lights are, waterproofing, etc.
Amazon has some hilarious offers at £25-30 a button, with the advantage of detailed descriptions and actual reviews

So, what do you guys use?

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I do it all of the time. If the antispark uses latching than use latching. If it uses momentary than use momentary. Buy one with the same pin-out. The quality of these buttons can vary greatly even though the pics look the same. Sometimes it’s worth the money for more expensive buttons because they are far sturdier. Sometimes.

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Flipsky put a small resister bridging two of the pins to be difficult. You can salvage it and use it on a new button.

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Fixed that for you :wink:

Do you know the value of that resistor?

I don’t. It’s really tiny and the bands all look like they could be either black or red.