Anti spark switch/ loopkey question!

So I’m new to the DIY scene so to me this isn’t a dumb question and I have done other research on the forum but I wanted a clear answer.

So from what I have read the anti spark switch are known to fail a lot. The other option is a loopkey. First, is there any good anti spark switches? I feel like this is probably the easiest way to push a button to turn the board on and off. For the loopkey option do you just take the loopkey out everytime you want to “turn off the board” or do you leave it in? I’m assuming in this situation the loopkey would be located outside of the enclosure? I just feel like this doesn’t make the outside of the board look very pleasing. (Sorry I’m a perfectionist). Any diagrams are welcome, and any help to better my understanding! Thank you all so much!

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People will use the loopkey like a fail safe in addition to a button/switch and also just as a switch itself.

The idea being, if your board starts full throttling while standing on it for some unknown reason, you can reach down, pull out the loopkey, and the physical connection to your battery is cut.

My antispark that’s built in to my unities have yet to have an issue. @Gamer43 has a really promising one coming out with a roll to start feature. You can roll the board to turn it on.

I like having one button that works but understand the desire to have a physical guaranteed disconnect. A button can fail, a loop of wire is hard to fuck up.


Got it, so a switch still exists to turn it on and off but there is a loopkey to pull in case of an emergency, what switch do you use ?

Yes but some people do just use the loopkey as the switch instead of a button. A button just connects wires allowing current to flow. The connector the loopkey is made out of (XT90-S) has a resistor built in to stop the spark from rushing in and doing damage.

Got it. So say I’m riding and come to a stop. To turn off the board Do you take the loopkey out if you don’t have a button? If you just turned the remote off it wouldn’t turn the board off.

Yes that’s correct.

If you had a button and a loopkey, you could just turn the power off using the button and leaving the loopkey in.

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I appreciate this help!

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