An interesting AT board

Found this on Reddit

Curious to know about the motors and the trucks specifically.

Not a fan of the rest of the package and OP himself says you lose all the “board” feeling. But it seems to be working properly too. Looks like a cross between triangle suspensions from RC cars and skateboard trucks.

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So I know OP, or atleast the guy who makes those boards. I can almost guarantee that you’ll find that package on aliexpress or something china-based like that.
Take that as you will!


That’s precious info and could you please elaborate? What about the trucks and supposed geared hub motors?

I honestly dont know anything specific about the board. I did find their website though,

Here’s the guy who made the video’s contact us page:


that’s goofy AF!!!


Yep the board is cringe and all!

These trucks and motors however, I’m interested :joy:

Ditch all the rest, and now picture something else.

  1. Street setup : Haya Deck, low to the ground, black 110 TB wheel, glass frit finish. Custom metal x thingies to match the package.

  2. AT setup, same but with AT wheels. Or a Haero bro with custom mounts. Or a Lacroix deck.

Forget about the cringy design and the LEDs, this looks different and could look good too if used in a proper build. Question of course is : is it even reliable and does it even perform? How easy to maintain / repair?

Edit : Actually it needs a total redesign to be streetable in any way… And for AT it is also bulky. Hopefully strong.

Still curious on how you manage to have indépendant wheels with a leaning truck. Artificial pivot point? Pinions on pivot?

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I own this board.
It’s solid.


Please post pictures! Tell us more about it, you’ve been riding it for how long?

What’s the range like, torque, speed? Is it stable?

I will post some pictures later.
To be clear; I have the ecomobl m24x.
This is the 4WD version, the planetary gear motors in the wheels are rated for 3050W each.
Needless to say this board has an insane amount of torque.
After replacing the shitty bullet plugs on the motor wires with xt60 plugs i have never had a problem with it. It gets through everything and is completely waterproof due to the enclosure being a metal box.
The max speed is like 55kmh, i never dared to go that fast.
The throttle is very touchy as they used a very generic remote.

Specs from website:
Product size: 1080450270 mm★ Deck size: 1000*260 mm
★ Product weight:

  • AWD: 55 lbs

★ Rider Weight Limit: 330 lbs★ Samsung 21700 50E Battery:

  • 1080Wh 12S5P 48V

★ Max range: AWD model:

  • Samsung Battery 1080Wh: 22-25 miles

    2WD model:
  • Samsung Battery 1080Wh: 25-30 miles

★ Top speed:

  • AWD model: 27-30 mph
  • 2WD model: 25-28 mph

★ Charging time:

  • 5A Charger: 4-6 H

★ Climbing grade:

  • AWD model: 60%
  • 2WD model: 48%

★ Suitable runway: Various runways★ Lights: Headlight, taillight, body light
★ ESC: Lingyi Technology 6.0 ESC

  • High power ESC continuous discharge current: 45-47 A

★ The wheel size: 200*50MM★ Screen remote: 2.4Gwireless connection★ Gear motor: 74mm Brushless planetary gear motor. Ultra-high power and torque. It uses a more advanced gear motor without the risk of belt breakage.

  • AWD : 4*74mm Brushless planetary gear motor

★ Deck: Double drop 9 lawyer maple wood★ Shock absorption effect: level 5★ Waterproof rating: IP56

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Why was this not discussed further. Awe-struck silence? Or are there issues?

Well info is a bit scattered, if you look for Ecomobl threads you’ll find more about it. The motors are solid from @sofu and @iNoLikeFlexyDecks inputs but don’t know how to source them for DIY, ESC is LingYi so limits the board performance.
Build is however good apparently.

You can also source just the motors but still will need the planetary gears to make it work.

My opinion on the m24 is very, very good.
I never had any problems and i leave my trampa friend in the dust (4wd vs 2wd)
The torque is insane, with vescs it would be a true baja competitor.
This board makes sure you have nothing to worry about. The enclosure is aluminum and the motors are solid. These planetery gear drives are truly next level. Noisy but nothing can stop them. Rides through anything you throw at it. Very very pleased with it, that’s why I thought their street boards might be good too. But boy oh boy was i wrong:

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I had asked the EU warehouse for a batch of drivetrains for the DIY community.
But after the nightmare he had with all lingy issues and boards cracking.
He decided to quit. So i don’t think i will be able to source a good diy deal either.


At least you tried :+1:t4: thanks for your input!

It might be possible to get some through the CEO in china. His name is Ian Lin. If anybody wants I could drop his email adress here. But maybe it’s better to get some gear drives from another brand with better QC.
I have one of the early prototype m24s. There is no way of knowing if they improved on their design/manufacturing process or they tried to cut corners for the final product.


Thanks mate.

It looks like these will only work on that marvelous multi link suspension. That puts the cost up really high. To put in perspective, in New Zealand you could have a Suzuki Jimny in a roadworthy condition for that cash.

Is there a planetary gear system that can operate from a motor mounted on a DD truck? 190KV DD style mounting, then the planetary sits in the hub. Theoretically should be cheaper, and the extra torque should be worth the engineering?

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Cannot be a straight mount on existing DD, you need big bearings and a structure which won’t stress the motor (axle + can) but yes might be doable with a custom truck and longer wheelbase