An electric mountain bike with esk8 parts

Hey guys, I know this is not an ebike forum, but I would like to do an ebike with Esk8 parts.

As controller I would like to use a FSESC 6.6 in its full alloy encasing.

Option 1: one up to three 6374 190KV or 6484 160KV, with gearing ratio 10:1 via chains to mid drive
Option 2: Luna Cyclone 3000 mid drive
Option 3 MXUS 3000W V3 H45 3T direct drive hub

Option 1: 12s5p QB26800
Option 2: 12s4p SPIM08HP

Donor bike is a full suspension bike (Fuji adventure Hi 2005) which I got for 10% of its original price.

My main concern is how to integrate throttle, brakes cutoff etc.

I am hoping to hear if anyone has had success with such an undertaking, or if I am better off going with a standard 72V ebike controller.

Would this be like a normal electric bike where you start pedalling to accelerate and the turn of the pedals acts like a throttle

Or would it be like an motor bike just electric where you have a throttle in the handlebars which moves you forward?

If the first option how would you do that with a vesc

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It is going to be the second option. Just keeping pedals as a backup.

For the first option:
You could use a sensor that measures pedaling frequency (and gear position) and adjusts the throttle based on that. But that makes more sense with motors <1500W

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So more of an electric motor bike then an electric bike

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Also seeing as the vesc isn’t very stable and good at lower speeds even with sensored and foc then wouldn’t it be quite a struggle on a bike

Huh? ^^

If I use the motor option 1 or 3, the gearing ratio of 1:10 will make the motor actually run at faster speeds :slight_smile:

Sorry meant sensored

As in at low speeds doesn’t the motor generally cogg and struggle to keep a stable good speed

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That’s why the gearing ratio :slight_smile:

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How does gearing for more torque help with that problem

If you have a gearing ratio of 1:10, the motor will rotate 10x faster than the wheel.
If the gearing is such that the same motor that is used on an esk8 has the same top speed on a bike as on a skateboard, it is effectively the same to the controller.
You have problems if you don’t reduce the gearing, as a bike wheel rotates slower than a thane wheel.

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Just saw this, as a Jeep guy it’s interesting.

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That’s indeed a very nice ebike.

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did you ever finish this

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Fark. Saw this:

And trying to ignore it, cos I have the Zerode G27.4 in the shed :eyes: :grimacing:

Luckily the tangent ascent mid drive kit is no longer available

Didnt use esk8 parts, but did modify almost everything. Fit the lions into the triangle. Very custom. Also light considering those engineered as elec, are a slight bit heavier.

It is an urban assault vehicle, with schwalbe marathon pluses. Carbon rims. Carbon everything but the alum frame. Top of line susp. It turned out too nice to lock anywhere. So I walk it in anywhere I go, and leave if I cant look after it.