American made enclosures

Calling all like minded fuck ups. I don’t post here often but some in the community know me. I love building, crafting, designing, and creating. It has come to my attention that there is a serious lack of quality built enclosures in the soon to be 51 states. I just wanted to reach out to anyone that wants/needs enclosures made on the quick for a reasonable price… don’t get your hopes up quite yet… this is an offer for you to offer me ( :joy:) donated epoxies, resins, pumps, vacuums, fibers, waxes, sandpaper, and anything else that might be required to make a Fuckin jolly good enclosure. I find it’s something I am always lacking in my builds and I am willing to put forth the effort to learn and practice the arts. I will indeed try to work this into my budget without you. However things will move along much better with the gathered help of the community. I am an ordained minister in the church of dude… What comes around goes around and I have stuck by that my whole life.


Can confirm.

Good luck dude. You know where to find me when you’re about to fuck some shit up.


I might actually be looking for a US based enclosure maker soon. I want to make some of my decks non-integrated, but I don’t want to make the enclosures for them myself. I’d like to partner with someone.



I like your style.

This is pretty awesome. Hope to see it go somewhere.


Im personally shocked we dont have any prolific US based enclosure makers. I guess it’s just a massive up-front cost of materials and time to make all the bucks and everything, as well as refining your process down to something saleable.


I would love to see You make this happen!


@Broly used to do enclosures for the NYC crew and was amazing at it. Almost 4 years on the same enclosure and it still looks fantastic! Even after being set on fire!

I think he’s too busy now with XBoard but maybe he can give you some tips and tricks.

As for me, I could maybe send you a really powerful vacuum pump for cheap af


What are you guys talking about??? Psychotiller is US based…



Interested… how cheap is cheap Af?

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I’ll ask and send you a PM

You bastard :rofl::rofl::kissing_heart:


I’m also a red headed step child…


Please not Kydex enclosures. I’ll never touch or use one again.

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Oh? That’s the first time I’ve heard someone with a negative opinion of kydex. Would love to hear why

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Super thin, you can twist the screws through, snaps in half with too thick of a battery… list goes on and on

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Fuck Kydex. Never again.

I guess that makes two. :crazy_face:

They might make great gun holsters, but definitely not great esk8 enclosures IMHO.

fiberglass for the win


Interesting. From @Nacho 's build, his looks like maybe 1/8" thick.

For real. Might as well use Tupperware