Am i extremely unlucky or is this a trend with nickel strip suppliers?

So, for the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to get nickel strips for my new 10s4p 21700 battery build. Ordered from MBOARDS, but they ended up scamming me, and the owner was very hostile towards me. So instead, i went to DUCKBATTERYSYSTEMS and ordered 6p tabs (i planned to cut the extra 2p off), but instead, i received 8p tabs. Whats even weirder is that 8p is sold out on their website. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE :sob:

It seems there isn’t any quality control when it comes to nickel strips. My guess is people just grab it and shove it in a box. (What most likely happened was that they were either out and decided to give me 8p or someone at the company put 8p tabs in a 6p bin)

Heres my order

Heres what i got

Heres the website saying 8p is sold out :sob::sob:

I emailed them about it and theyre usually good at responding and are very nice (unlike mboards) and ill just cut them into 4p like i planned with the 6p. Just annoying😭

I just feel bad for you at this point…
if you want these feel free to pm me

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ITS NEVER ENDING WITH MY LUCK😭 But at least this time i recorded myself opening the box just in case i get called a liar again💀

But if cutting the 8p doesnt turn out well ill reach out😭

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All I can say is that I know for a fact your order was packed wrong due to the person who packed it, and I’m not surprised.

The reason why 8P is listed as out of stock is because duck uses it for the fully built packs installed in Hoyt and metroboard. They need to keep that inventory for complete boards.

If they do this I’ll go slap Sean/JJ for you


I just ordered (2) sets of 6p tabs from Mboards and had zero issues.
What was the problem with them?

Interesting about the 8p thing thats pretty cool! And PLEASE DO lmfao

Heres a link to the post i made. TLDR owner was extremely rude, childish, and hostile towards me. Called me a liar and a thief and continued belittling me even after i stopped responding


I’ll agree that your nickle looks nothing like what they advertise on their site.

Also the ziplock bag does not look like it came from Mboards either.

You can see the packaging from Mboards is heat sealed and not a ziplock.

Not sure where i stand on this.

You did receive the 4p nickle strips,
you thought you were getting nickle with holes, you got nickle without holes.
Not sure why that’s as big of a deal as you’re making it.

Im making a deal out of the fact that he accuses me of lying, acted childish, and accused me of trying to steal. His behavior is what was disgusting and him not taking responsibility for a mistake on his companies end is inexcusable. Even another person in that thread showed that they do in fact ship stuff like that in zip bags (in the past but not anymore) and i received an incorrect product regardless. And as i stated there i had 0 intention of getting anything free and had 0 reason to lie. It would make absolutely 0 sense to go in their support chat otherwise.


I built a battery last week with mboards 4p nickel strips, no issues, arrived in heat sealed bags. Sorry about your bad luck @Rhythm


Pretty sure the nickel without holes is for 18650s


That would make a lot more sense to me then! @Evwan

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We have some here Pure Nickel 21700 P-Group Tabs – Bioboards Eskate

1s6p is currently out of stock thought.

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How is this in the “vendor issue serious” corner?
Surely it’s just “mildly annoying” seeing as you were gonna cut it down. Heck u got extra nickel for free .
Win win

Cause this is the 2nd time with another vendor and its an issue? :skull:

They sure are! Especially if theyre thinner on the tab you solder wires too