Aluminum Risers

The drop is so deep on my Subsonic 40 I need 1" of riser under the trucks to give the enclosure ground clearance. I used stacked 1/2" urethane risers but that wasn’t stable enough. I hit a piece of debris in a bike lane and it knocked my front truck crooked. The last thing I remember before the emergency room was wondering why my board was suddenly turning. I would like to find one piece 1" aluminum risers. Anyone have any for sale or want to make me a set?


One piece? I might be able too in 2-3 weeks


What are you looking to spend? I have some 1 inch thick 6061 I could be convinced to machine



:grimacing: hope you’re alright! I can send you a set of hard plastic risers similar to these for free in the mean time while you source metal ones. They’re old but they don’t budge

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I was going to link some of those until I saw it specifically said aluminum, and I can appreciate that.

If you do need the plastic ones to hold you over, they’re available here as well.



I’ve used the 25.4mm version before and while they are plastic, they’re rather solid.

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I know this is an old thread, but…
I’ve made risers with wood.

You could glue up the thickness you need from old maple skate decks, rip them to width (with angled edges if wanted, then cut them to length ona miter saw.

I didn’t need super thick or dense ones, but needed something in a hurry to finish a small skateboard for my daughter’s birthday. They worked much better than expected.


I recently made aluminium risers and those things are heavy. Two 1 inch tall aluminium risers could be even half a kg. IMHO it’s better to got with hard wood or durable plastic.


I know this is fairly old by now, but I’m looking for 1/4 aluminum risers myself. Anyone know where I might be able to get some?

I don’t understand the aluminium requirement, POM 1/2” risers are ubiquitous, cheap, lighter & don’t disintegrate in any situation where the board wouldn’t be totalled

This is why they don’t exist apart from niche applications like MTB (eToxx & okp angled):man_shrugging:

I had this problem. I used .25 inch aluminum risers with a tight tolerance around the holes for trucks. The aluminum is structural and keeps bolts from bending or skewing. I also suggest bigger wheels, top mount battery, dkp, or risers exclusively in the front.