All-terrain/hybrid DIY 12s5p haggy drive system and deck DIY battery enclosure

These are the parts for my build: -All-terrain drive system from haggy with 190 kv motors (ordered)

-Dual FSESC 6.6 mini

-DIY 12s 4 or 5p battery (samsung 30q cells from with DIY glass fibre or carbon fibre enclosure

-deck from haggy (ordered)

-Flipsky vx2 remote

I need a recomendation for a good BMS, I’m thinking about getting the bestech D140 charge only BMS from , but its wiring is a bit weird so I’m open to sugestions.

What do guys think of this build? And also any board name ideas?


Can’t really go wrong with gear from haggy. Timo puts together some good stuff.
I don’t know much about the other stuff :man_shrugging:

Yeah, I’ve heard some awesome stuff about the haggy stuff. Any name ideas for this build?

Hard to say.
Do you have any color schemes you want to do?
Maybe a theme? (Super heroes/ villains, sports team, TV show, drugs lol)

I like to have build themes, helps pick the name.
My first build was a Boba fett theme named Fetts vet.

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I want a red and black theme (maybe paint the motors red too). An animal name could be cool, or a reference to a series or something.

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I love Haggy gear… sounds like a great build is on the way! I have yet to try their deck so I’m curious to see your final product.

Do you guys think that bindings on this style of board could be a good idea?