Alien power system motors?

Hi I have found some fairly competitively priced motors locally. Just wondering if they are rebranded maytech motors. Aps 6374s.

They don’t have too good reputation on their motors, long shipping time and poorly made. (Feedbacks from a few of my friends)
@IVoxuI waited for months without any shipping updates for his motors.


Cool that’s all I need to know

Right, they changed their story at least 5 times. I couldn’t put up with it anymore so I got my money back.

I’ve not used their motors as I’m in the USA – but I recall a few instances of folks reporting low-quality stuff coming from APS in regards to motors, especially the bigger ones.

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6384s Magnets got loose, waiting for replacement rotos for months. Motor cables were not silicone - so they broke throuh vibration on their 3cm long tinned connection…

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