Akhlut's yard sale

So its time to start putting some stuff out there that i’m no longer using.

Item - lightly used surf rodz 200x10mm rkp hanger, saffron - $40

Item - old-school bkb kegel-core 36T bolt-on pulley, 12mm belt - $10

Item - abec-core 40T bolt-on pulley, 15mm belt - $10 /spoken for

Item - lot of belts - HTD5 $1 each

  • (4) 53T (265mm) 12mm /spoken for
  • (2) 60T (300mm) 9mm
  • (2) 66T (330mm) 9mm
  • (2) 70T (350mm) 9mm

Item - used superfly 107’s - $75

Item - new 97mm flywheels - $50 /spoken for

Item - used 80mm otang’s, single light chunk - $10 /spoken for

Item - used 90mm clones with neal bearings - $10

/more to come


What are the belt diameters?

I think you can get the length by multiplying the number of teeth by 5mm.

Updated belt lengths

Good price on those superflys that are basically just scrubbed in.

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Yeah. I just slapped them on my old board before vegas. Disassembled it the other day and have no place for them. :frowning:

Dibs on the new flywheels?

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Are those single pulley or do you have a pair each? Interested in the 40T if you have a pair

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@DerelictRobot you got it

@Mikenopolis I need to look. I might have another lying about.

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I need those kegel pulleys, also, are there two surfrodz hangers or just 1?

PM sent regarding SR hanger

Black Thursday :black_heart: you’re selling the Otang set for 10$??

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Gtfo, I asked first

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Chill out dude. I didn’t see a post stating that you wanted to buy them. I only saw that you asked a question about the quantity of hangers.


Lmao, if you don’t know, I’m a troll

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60 for 107s? located in canada