Akadi ultra light mini cruiser | Blitzart 36" | 9" Caliber | 76mm Akasha | 10s1p 40T | FS 4.12 | 5065

I’m planning a replacement board for my old dual hub for when FOCsTrot Lite is done. The goal is a super light board that I can clip to a belt or back strap, I’m not expecting might from it but I want it to be decent quality without breaking the bank. Also the board I give to friends when I don’t wanna ride alone


  • reclaimed Blitzart 36" bamboo deck
  • BKB Caliber motor mount
  • 9" White Caliber I 50° trucks
  • Ahymo cut Akasha wheels
  • Zealous steel bearings
  • Muirskaye 0.25" pad 1.25" flathead truck hardware
  • Muirskate 1.25" flathead enclosure hardware
  • FlipSky 50A 4.12 VESC
  • BKB Bluetooth module
  • Racerstar 140kv 5065
  • FlipSky VX1
  • dickyho D-bore 13T motor pulley
  • dickyho 10s waterproof BMS
  • Samsung 40T cells
  • Janux 34T bolt-on Kegel core wheel pulley
  • 235x9mm belt
  • Dickyho plastic battery enclosure


  • Cost: $480
  • Speed: ERPM capped at 14.0 mph (low voltage speed)
  • Range: 15 mi assuming 9.0 Wh/mi w/ 3.0V cutoff
  • Weight: 11lbs

I’d go with some 30T cells for this if I where you. Idk how much of a difference it would make in weight but your available power almost doubles so sag would be greatly reduced, and since it’s such a small battery the difference in price shouldn’t break the bank.

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Ooh you right, gimme a sec to find the data sheets and stuff

Updated to a 40T pack, not a lot more cost for 3mi more range!

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i have a mboards 10s3p you could buy if you want

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Hmm…that’s double the size and weight of what I’m thinking, I think that’s a bit much. Thanks for the offer though

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I know the blue Caguamas are held in very high regard, but what about the Kegel with the same urethane?

Imo just as good but in a smaller package. My only quirk with the kegel is that the lip on both sides are squared/sharp, not rounded off. Feels like it ‘catches’ onto raised parts on the road more (ex. paint lines) and doesn’t roll over as smoothly when turning. Maybe that’s just me though :sweat_smile:


For a smaller board do you think that would be a problem?

Not a problem at all (on any board either). Probably just me being picky :p. I do prefer bigger wheels though.

If I get the Kegels should I just take a knife to the edge? I can probably print a clamp with a razor blade to get clean edges

Naw I wouldn’t do that. That feeling (over paintlines for ex.) is evident on all wheels, just a bit more pronounced. That being said the kegels to me feel like they hug the road better on smooth roads (probably due to the lip). Still prefer the caguamas over them though.

How would a single 350W hub motor compare to a single 5065 motor which are supposedly 1300W? Assuming the same battery/ESC/top end

The hub will over heat very quickly under not so extreme rising conditions due to the small stator size and urethane around the motor causing it to over heat and waste energy as heat making your setup less efficient. I’d go 5065 unless you really care about stealth.

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How does the stator of a 70x52 hub compare to the 5065?

From what I could find the stator of a generic 70mm hub motor is around 40mm in diameter. At least that’s what it looks like here https://kaspars.net/blog/diy-electric-skatboard-hub-motor-trucks
So about a 40x52 stator for the hub. I don’t know the size of the 5065 stator and I couldn’t find it but I’d bet it’s at least of equal size or bigger than the hub.


I know this is a DIY site but unless you’re dead set on going DIY I think a brand new meepo campus would have better performance for a couple hundred less although you’d have 1 hub motor.

That being said I like the list you’ve compiled and it turns out I actually have a few of the parts you’ve listed laying around. You’ve inspired me lol.

The Meepo Campus is ugly as sin and shit to drive. I’m gonna get better performance and smaller profile overall for that $100

Well can’t argue preference for aesthetics but it gets a 10+ mile range and up to a 18mph+ speed for $300. Could buy it for $300 and do a deck swap to a deck of your preference from skate shred and still be under that $500 you’ve listed. I’ve owned it for a while and wouldn’t describe it as “shit to drive” even compared to something like a boosted for what it is.

Ok anyhow was just trying to help reach the goals you’ve listed. Good luck.

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Sweet, belt drive it is

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