Advise needed: VX1 split UART

Say for the sake of example, I want to run split PPM…but I’m using a VX1 in UART mode with a pair of 6.6 FSESCs. Is this even possible?

I’m assuming it’s a better alternative to CAN bus if it works

Why not use it in PPM/PWM then?

I had to add PWM. In before Brian sees it. Haha


The reverse function…the VX1 only supports it in UART, and I have 2 FSESCs I’m trying to connect so I need ‘split UART’. If it’s possible, what do I connect to what?

You should be able to split the tx line coming out of the receiver to the rx of both ESC’s. However, you’ll only be able to monitor the tx line of one of the ESC’s, and you won’t get CAN stuff like traction control, if that’s your cup of tea.

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What does the TX line monitor? And do I connect the 5v line to both as well?

I just need the reverse and throttle on both, no slippery terrain so no need for traction control

I’m not entirely sure what you are trying to achieve here. Redundancy w reverse?

IMHO. Be able to change modes/parameters as well as for diagnostics on the Vesc using one UART occupied by BT out weighs having a reverse.

I’m curious to see if splitting tx works tho

Are you running 4wd? or… can is way much easier. One member of the forum invented a uart splitter device, but it is for splitting the signal from 1 port.

I just got a pair of FSESC 6.6s and a VX1 for my friend, she likes the reverse function on my AT board so I wanted to give her the same option. I can make a CAN bus cable but I wanted to see if I can use a split input for better reliability since the ESCs are separate anyways

Just 2 single ESCs, the UART splitter is multiple devices for a single port, this is multiple ports to a single device

Use Ack firmware and you’ll have reverse and throttle curves that operate in PPM.

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Where pulling on the breaks stops you, but holding does a slow reverse and the button toggles the direction?

You said you wanted reverse, I told you how to get reverse. If you want an over complicated system, then by all means spend more money on a feature that only half ass works.

I already have the ESCs and VX1 in hand. I’ve got the VX1 running UART in CAN mode and I absolutely love the feature, just wanted to know how to have the reliability of split PPM but the same function as UART control

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The 5v is only for powering the receiver so you only need one.
Your ESC’s should already have common ground but I’d connect the ground of both to the receiver anyway.

So the 5V and VTX from the ‘master’, ground and VRX from both, and the main voltage from the battery?

AFAIK, that should be all you need to make it work - it’s just serial, nothing too complicated.

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Thanks so much!

What does the TX vs RX do? And why is it only the RX across both?

Tx (which is connected to rx on the receiver) transmits data from the receiver to the ESC. You can connect one “sending” device to two “receiving” devices, but you can send data from two devices to one “receiving” device.

On the FS website it shows VTX to TX and VRX to RX…?