advice first build

looking at building up my verreal rs pro as one of the motors died. it currently has a samsung 12s3p 50e battery only 1200km use.Q i want to replace the esc with a vesc but the only options i have here in Australia is the bkb xenith, makerx dv6 or the stormcore 100/60d need help choosing i will be putting bigger motors on it 6374 and one day upgrade the battery once its at the end of its life i can’t afford to do all this at once hence the stages.

Slightly biased vote here

If you go with a Stormcore there’s no way you need the 100D, I’d go with the 60D and save your dosh if you go that route.

I have a vendetta against single-MCU duals so I’m biased against that and the Xenith though.

I vote the MakerX DV6, it’s the nicest feeling VESC I’ve ever used.

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On your dv6 did you use a antispark switch or a loop key also what remote did you use

I’ve used both, had multiple DV6

and the remotes I’ve used with it are:

  • Mini Remote
  • VX2
  • VX3

All work flawlessly, you need the VESC6 version of the VX2. I don’t recommend the VX3 as my brake trigger started acting weird and not behaving the same from press to press.


Why? What experience do you have with them?

@dools72 If you’re going 12s I highly recommend the 60D+. Has a built-in switch and bluetooth. It’s a rock solid performer.

As for a remote, you cannot go wrong with a Hoyt Puck


TBF my experience is limited to a couple unity’s and tenkas, but I find dual-MCU duals are much easier to diagnose and more reliable to set up, VESCTool seems to like the CAN implementation better.

I’m sure you already know that the single MCU dual vesc has been fully supported by vesc tool since enertions downfall.

And the single mcu dual vesc was developed by Jeff Friesen, who works closely with Vedder to better the VESC project.

So far my experience setting up dozens of ESC’s of all types is that there isn’t a real big difference between the two types. You still have to use the can bus switch to write settings to both sides.

Lacriox is good about honoring their warranty, I feel safe buying a stormcore. But the DV6 is a fantastic contender at a lower price with some missing features.


So you consider his current build. I consider that he’ll grow out of the upgrade game and eventually want to start a diy.

On another note
Stormcore has customer support that responds, a warranty they actually honor, and worked hand in hand with Vedder for the past year to get 5.3 fully functional with the storms

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Even a decent DIY doesn’t need the 100D. 100A is a lot for most people

You know 100D doesn’t mean 100A, right? It’s the voltage.


My point proven even more, 100V is way more than most people need, 60 is already enough headroom for 12s which is the standard these days.

Kind of, but not really. Lots of people are going 14s+ for their new builds nowadays.

Lots of diy enthusiasts that have already got bored with 12s yea, but most people especially those getting into DIY are still building 12s because it’s still very capable.

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I have a Stormcore 100 in my 12S build because it can handle more juice than I am throwing at it. The closer to tolerance you run electronics, the shorter the life expectancy. That’s just a simple fact.

And if I ever decide “hey, I can duct tape more batteries to the wheels” I still have a reliable esc that I can use with a 14s


My point exactly. I’m currently thinking about a new board and kicking myself for not grabbing a few 100Ds instead of 60.

@dools72 my advice stays the same. If you have access to a 100d (or better yet a 100d v2) go for it. Plan ahead like you’re already doing with your stages