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This category is for vendors to put up “storefronts” where they can showcase their products and update with special offers and promotions. We encourage vendors to, whenever possible, put forward offers that are specific to us here at esk8.news forum and to also be open to the possibility of group buy pricing on their goods. (Level 0 +)


Are the vendors in these serious threads supposed to flag/moderate their own threads like a serious topic posted by a regular user?

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Sorry I missed this earlier. Yes, that is the intent.

Hello everyone, Kanber here again… Its been a while… During this time I’ve Started Up Sunday Robotics, created a product called ProBUDDY Kits and launched a Kickstarter campaign.

ProBUDDY Kits ease the development of (mainly) electronics based projects. With ProBUDDY Kits it becomes so easy to work on, carry, store, demonstrate projects anytime & anywhere.

Please feel free to ask any questions, to get more info and reserve your kit, here is the Kickstarter Campaign link: ProBUDDY Kits: Your Best Project BUDDY by Sunday Robotics — Kickstarter

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You should be posting in esk8 parts market/completes for sale, not here. And excuse me for saying this, but you’ll have a hard time selling a Skatebolt on this forum. I’m thinking Facebook Marketplace would be better.

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Yes, there are hard limits for new accounts. You also have to put a price instead of best offer as part of the sales category rules.