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Is there something you’d like to see covered on esk8.news? Post about it here and we’ll see what we can do. If there’s enough interest in it, and we’re not doing it already, we might just do it! (Level 0 +)

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Long time lurker on the other forum, just signed on here.

A bunch of safety related threads such as

“Fishpaper and cell level fusing, USE IT!” aka how to prevent to set your house on fire by the caring Chaka or “Split truck angles, wtf are they? and why should I care? and other stuff about trucks” aka how to not street your face @32mph/50kmh by squishy or “A Final Word on Bypassing BMS for Discharge” aka what the heck is a BMS, need in my opinion to be synthetized in “tech” section of the site.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that the majority of you can solder mayonnaise on PVC or skate on caliber 50 trucks with loosened 80 bushings but I don’t, and more important, noobs don’t.

Suggestion for another article: “bad hall detection” a major noob problem. Can be a motor, a vesc, a JST/cable problem. To my knowledge there is not a single script on the internet capable of giving a clear picture of the complexity of the thing.

My two cents, uh?

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