A200S V2.1 VESC 16s 200a With Heatsink UK/EU

Best VESC for higher than 12s voltage, I ordered this for a project and it didn’t fit so has been sitting since. This will be really good for a monster Battle Bot, eskate, scooter or onewheel build.
£285 or equivalent, offers considered, posted to UK/EU

Mechanical Features

  • Weight ~ 350g
  • Battery connection wire length: 10cm
  • 6061-T6 CNC Machined Aluminium Heatsink anodised black

Electrical Connections

Power/Motor Connections

  • Triple XT60 input connections (Maximum battery current is set to 180A on the input. So below 90% duty cycle you can use full 200A output current)
  • M5 Terminals for motor connection

Logic connections

  • Motor connector - Hall sensors, encoder, temperature
  • Communications connector - ADC, UART, SPI, Buttons
  • CANBus connector
  • PPM/Servo connector
  • Integrated 0.5A 5V BEC
  • Optional - 12V 2.3A BEC (on Fan controller board)

Motor Commutation Modes

  • FOC - Sensorless, Hall Sensors or Encoder
  • BLDC - Sensorless, Hall Sensors or Encoder
  • DC - For driving brushed DC motors on outputs A and C. (Can also be used as a current source or voltage source)

Motor Control Modes

  • Current - Controls current to motor irrespective of duty cycle
  • Duty Cycle - Controls duty cycle sent to motor irrespective of current
  • PID RPM control - Controls motor RPM using a PID loop

Control Interfaces

  • PPM
  • ADC - For use with analogue throttles, supports cruise control and reverse
  • UART - For PC control using VESC® * Tool and custom applications
  • CANBus - For custom applications, also supports slaving controllers and traction control

Voltage Rating

  • 0-75v INCLUDING VOLTAGE SPIKES, 16 cell LiPo maximum (recommended 14S max)

Current capability

  • At 12S and below you can use full current capability
  • At 16S we recommend setting motor current below 150A, and battery current below 100A.

Safety Features

  • Software over current protection
  • Slow temperature cutoff
  • Battery voltage cutoff

Programming features - using VESC® * Tool

  • Adjustable current limits, Battery and Motor current are independently controlled
  • Adjustable voltage limits
  • Adjustable RPM limits
  • Adjustable Power limits
  • Adjustable duty cycle limits
  • Adjustable regenerative braking
  • Adjustable throttle curves and ramping time
  • Real time and Sampled Data monitoring and graphing
  • Automatic motor detection and tuning.

*The A200S is based upon the VESC® -Project.

** VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder*


very cool bit of gear you got there

was it factory built or did you assemble the power board yourself?

i thought the 2.1 kit featured two m5 terminals for each phase

Its a factory built vesc.
That is a v2, Euan revised the 2.1 to used one just terminal per phase, among other things, to save weight and space/wasn’t really needed. He has a thread on the vesc forum documenting the changes

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This would be so perfect for a Funwheel build


Reduced to £285!

kinda late haha, but do u still have it?

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