A scooter for the lady- Help wanted!

This is a solution I thought might work. Thread some holes and mount it.

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Put it on the front side then :crazy_face:


My ebike project for the wifey turned out great :sunglasses:

A child (not my wife) using it:

I think I’m all in for about $350 on that bike. Find yourself a 26" bike for cheap and swap that front wheel with one of those cheap bafang hubs and it’s plenty of fun for a non-speed demon. Honestly it was pretty fun for me too :grin:


Wanted to share my 2 cents. My SO also did not like a skateboard. Attached is a razor 300 that matured. Spent about $300 for new batt, brushless motor, esc, throttle, etc. E300 frames are fairly cheap to source.


Looks nice bro. I see the drivetrain is a chain drive. Where did you source the chassis etc… for everything?

Thanks. I was able to get a worn second hand e300 from my community through Facebook. Had to replace battery and tires and new charger. I do see e300 for sale regularly for $50-100. So I figured I rebuilt the entire scooter from ground up. Razor e300 are 24v chain driven on/off system. I painted the entire frame black with a clear coat. Most items including throttle, batteries, charger and speed controller, motor came from Amazon. Also bought a bike disc brake kit and converted the razor to disc brake (not shown). Custom wooden deck with wood from Lowes. Stained and applied anti slip tape. My wife prefers this scooter since her feet can be side to side on the deck and also these tires are much softer than the normal scooter. Chain driven does makes the system noisier than hub motor.


Nice! It looks great did you try to increase its speed or capacity? Is it pretty straightforward on the disc brake conversion?

Late to party, bought used xiaomi M365 pro V1 for about 300-400$ for my wife. She is pretty happy with slimmer deck. Battery lasts 25-30 km’s and it passed first 1000km’s like a champ. Threads have to be replaced every 1k km’s and wheel removal is PITA though. Good scooter for the price if you need reliable commuter to work and back. Has lots of mods available though it’s not built to be upgraded without sacrifices. Monorim mod destroys portable handle and adds weight, voltage and speed mods wreck the battery and often glitch out firmware. Only non intrusive upgrade we did was ‘‘m365 dash’’ for better view of telemetry and trip computer:

Good scooter for price, weight, reliability, commuting and sunday strolling. Bad scooter for upgrading, high speed racing and other high octane shenanigans.

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I really like that new m365 dash.

So my wife wanted a longer ride and so I was planning to swap to a 36v system but the battery company sent me a 48v 13s3p so I’m trying to do a 48v hub motor setup. On the 10x3" wide tires, disc brake wasn’t bad but not easy. So I made a bracket to mount the caliper. The disk, I actually used the existing drum brake flange and drilled 6 holes to bolt down the disc. Had to Dremel the ID a bit to clear that razor hub OD. The caliper was too close to the tire and rubbed so I ended up sanding the inside of the caliper housing a bit and it works now. In seeing 10" 48v hub motor for a decent price. Just not able to find any that will fit a 10x3 tire. I may have to slim down the tire.

My next plan is to also grab the folding mechanism from the m365 so that I can fold down the handlebar to make transport a bit easier

The folding mechanism of M365 is conviniet but not exactly stiffest thing in the world. It’s somewhere inbetween segway nineboot cardboard tube and propper mono perma upright one.