a quick question about bearings

So my Trampa 12Fifties are 0.375 axle dia and my wheels take a 28mm OD bearing

0.375 is 9.525mm. MBS offers a bearing that’s 9.5mm

Can anyone tell me if these will fit or if they will be slightly too small on the ID?

If these won’t work does anyone have a source for 0.375 ID 28mm OD bearings?



uxcell 1614-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing 3/8-inchx1-1/8-inchx3/8-inch Sealed Z2 Lever Bearings 10pcs https://a.co/d/6JAX2Ga


I reckon you’re good dude


If you ever want to ditch trampas bs axles make yourself some sleeves. I did too, best upgrade to these trucks ever.

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I think that’s what I’m going to end up doing - I can get 26mm and 28 OD bearings pretty easily, if I can find them with 12mm ID it should be easy to turn a sleeve.

Do you know, off the top of your head, if I remove the set screw from the axle if it will just slide out? Or is it threaded internally and the set screw is a rotational lock?

I would absolutely never trust uxcell chinese amazon no brand bearings on something moving at 30 mph.

Skate bearings are not that expensive. Please don’t pinch pennies.here.

Even better if you can find some with a rating higher than ABEC 1, although not necessary.

If you go imperial sizes, these Enduro 1614-2RS are decent:


Numbers a number. Didn’t link it for the product. Shoulda clarified. But… Japan bearings =best bearing

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Ive never had an issue with the 10-pack amazon bearings. I always pack mine with white lithium grease. I like to change them out every 4-5 months, or more often when winter riding when they get wet so i refuse to buy expensive bearings


The axle is pressed in, with an additional set screw as safety. If you want to remove the axle you’ll also destroy the ID of the hanger bore, which is why just turned some sleeves instead of replacing the axle. Both is possible though.

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