A collection of boards and efficiencies - Wh/km - Wh/mi

Right now I’m considering a smaller or larger battery and although I have a pretty good guess thanks to https://calc.3dservisas.eu/ and my experience, I think it would be helpful for anyone working on a new build to have a general idea of it’s potential efficiency in terms of Wh/[insert your preferred units here] in real world use cases.

I’m hoping we could post some metr logs and other recorded telemetry along with a sentence explaining what goes into the make up of that number. It would be nice to have it all in one place!

Here’s my mountain board to start:

Cruising speed of 20-30mph on tarmac and 20ish on dirt but very few hills. 35Wh/mi if I’m really going for it. Hard ali tires with lots of air, 2WD 12s.


I could be wrong but I feel like we already have this thread somewhere

Something like “how much range do you get” or like “what’s your battery range” or something like that?

It feels redundant, and it’s really hard to keep track of anything with a thread like this

Maybe a better solution is a complex Excel sheet or something like that

I’ve looked around the forums a fair bit and didn’t see anything. An excel sheet sounds great for organization but might be more difficult to reflect comments about environment.

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You would need to limit the amount of comments to keep it objective.

Example: You need to compare like how hard someone rides in a very limited sense

“I’m always on the throttle”
“I cruise frequently”
“I like to carve and cruise”

or like

“I ride 30+ most of the time”
“I ride 20+ most of the time”
“I like to cruise between 10 and 20mph”

Something like those

These would need to be like radiobutton type responses, only select one.


You could make that into a scale. I like the forum idea

And given my findings that the data from VESC may be bad on certain hardwares or riding styles, I would restrict it to stating the battery config, your riding style and how much range you get, keeping out the Wh/km until we have BMSs that do that computation directly instead of trying to calculate from motor currents

Man I’m bumping this because it’s some useful infos that I could use