6S 6AH 100C graphene lipo

Anyone have any experience with this lipo? Specs look compelling.

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For the specs, I’d say get turnigy graphene lipos from hobbyking…
I have two of their 6S 8Ah packs and I can confirm they have incredible power.
About the same price and you’re getting a way better product.


Thanks for the response man

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Np :stuck_out_tongue:
Here’s a link too - they’re mega on sale rn so that’s a plus as well.


Turnigy Graphene Hardcase 2s2p

I want to by 6 of these and wire them in series for 12s2p.

1). What else do I need to purchase in terms of wires/connectors to wire them in series for 12s2p?

2). Do I need a BMS? Can someone recommend one?

3). Is there easy way to charge 6 of them?

4). What charger do I get?

5). What is procedure for storing lipos for when I’m not using board?

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What makes you want to use them in particular? I don’t even know if you could charge them all with 1 BMS.

You would most likely need to individually charge them.

3 pairs of 2 would be 12s3p. You’d probably have to do a top mount enclosure since they’re pretty bulky. Get a good 6S rc lipo charger or maybe 3 of them😉 you can wire a bms but you’re probably not ready for that. You will need to wire the pairs in series and then the three pairs in parallel. I think it’s recommended to store them at 80% if they’re gonna sit a while

I know battery company’s can be liberal with their ratings but the one you linked is only 45C the amazon one says 100C

Just saw that you liked a 2S Battery disregard my comment about the 3P

The 2s2p hardcase is on sale, that’s why.

My other choice is two 6s 6AH Panthers wired in series for 12s.

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I would go with the panthers, you can combine them with a “charge and ride” setup for more range.

Plus they have greater resale value if you move on from them later.


Sorry, new at this, still learning. What do you mean “combine them with a charge”?

Can I skip getting a BMS?

Working on my first build, what to make it as idiot proof as possible.

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sorry that term isn’t clear just thrown in the middle of a sentence.

Charge and Ride

there are a few threads on here about it, and a couple more on the builders forum.

This thread is a wealth of knowledge. From a long time ago but probably still relevant if you want to go that way.


Yes. (Technically no, but definitely use one…)

Try this for 12S


Wired similar to this

but using the BMS like this (just omit lights if not present) (if there is no C-, connect that wire to P-)


100C seems incredibly overrated for that battery to me, whereas I can guarantee the turnigy’s put out crazy amps… 500A would be just stupid current anyway lol.


Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the help!

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Looks like these perform as well as the turnigy graphenes by some measure, and they are hella cheap right now.

Those 2s2p 6AH Panthers I’m looking at are 48 mm thick which works out to 1.89”.

Can anyone recommend an enclosure that has enough depth and will be 23” or less in length?

I have an EVO 36 (can fit a 21” long enclosure) and a Switchblade 38 (can fit a 23” long enclosure).