6384 190kv motor wire

following an accident with my 6384 190kv motor, can you tell me each color of wire that corresponds to the connection, in order to be able to re-solder them.

Thank you for your help

Flipsky 6384 190kv

I only have the 6374 but i would assume they are the same?
No guarantee and i take no responsibility.

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it is not exactly the same. but it may help others.

Thanks anyway.

Sure, placement is different but color should probably be the same. E: no markings, hmm

Yes, but I have no marking on the circuit board. (seen from below)

black is ground, red is 5v and white tends to be temperature. but no guaranty like. you can also follow the pcb tracers, the middle contact on a hall sensor is the signal from it

I made a request to flipsky, maybe …


the guys from flipsky we answered :wink: