6374 sk8 thick can

Has anyone tried to modify the cans on these. The non-mounted face is quite thick. I was thinking of cutting some grooves into it to dissipate heat and remove some excess weight.

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Are you talking about these?

How are you going to machine them?

I’ll you are over heating, there are other gearing options that might be easier.

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I was thinking a rotary tool, but was wondering if anyone else had done this before and had a better method.

Adding some grooves could improve cooling, but the rotor generally doesn’t need extra cooling, since it’s already exposed to outside air. It’s the stator inside that has all the power flowing through it and needs all the extra cooling it can get.

Several folks have added 3d-printed fans to the backs of their motor cans to suck more air through to cool the stator, which works pretty well.

If you were to make your grooves on the inner face (not facing the world), and add some way for air to get in, and add some air holes for the air to get flung out through, then that would probably work pretty well, but that’s a lot of modification.