6374 Single Jingle Uphill Bingle Tingler

Motor: 6374 turnigy sk8 motor @190kv

Battery: original Enertion S.P.A.C.E cell. REBUILT

Transmitter: CurrentControlSystems(Vlad Pomogaev) bluetooth transmitter.
Uses any android phone as a bluetooth controller.

ECU: 4.12 VESC

Suspension: clone 50 caliber trucks on 75a Energy bushings.

Wheels: clone 97mm flywheels

Mount: Enertion truck mount w/ 3.12mm CNC’d backplate (I’m switching this to 6mm carbon fiber as the 6061 aluminum is bent.)

Distance: about 15miles/ 24km per charge.
Top speed: 32mph/51Km
Gear Ratio: 2.40 (15t motor, 36t wheel)
Total distance travelled so far: almost 2000 miles over the course of 3 years ownership.

She aint pretty, but she is reliable.
This is my first and only build, the only maintanence I’ve had to do was replace the deck, and the original motor after blowing them both up.
Original motor was a turnigy sk3 rated for 190kv but was really about 235KV. I wish I knew that before, because my top speed was a theoretical 52mph in that territory. I’ve only travelled at 44mph top speed so far.

(upload://azyRyKTGs6VznWPGRqAVlzCMQ8G.jpeg) (upload://53PCCTEEkrZMRyKfYx3VLNa4zpF.jpeg)


You better be careful about water and moisture getting in there :thinking:

That was the biggest issue with the space cell batteries, other than just plain old shitty construction

Other than that, I love the build name :slight_smile:

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Yo is that a wing?? On the drive side in the first pic??

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That spoiler is bad as fuck :metal:


Blew up a deck?


The best title ever and great build.

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Sorry for the late response, new account so i was rate limited. Thanks for the love dog. And yeah its a wing I made out of an old dashboard. I wanna move it a foot behind me. Idk if it does anything, but it looks cool lmao.

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Reliable is better than pretty.

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