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6 -6.5 inch tires for MBS, Trampa, TB, Metroboard, Evolve hubs

I know there are lots of topics on tires.
But I did not see one that is specific to the smaller tires.

I’m looking for tires to put on my TB hubs.

I recently got the 8 inch clever nubbbies from AliExpress for my MBS rims. They are nice.

Is there some sort of similar hidden jewel out there that is 6 to 6.5 inches in a road style tires?

Are there other options?
Out of these is there one that is the best???


@BillGordon Wheel compendium

no :-1:

All you 8" and larger tire guys fukk up the threads… We’re not MTB… we’re the fast fukks

Small tires have a definite place, and especially small tire… Widened tires… And grippy tires…

I’m going to make thread… A wiki for small tires on street-boards/race-boards

Nothing bigger that 160mm dia. Only tires that fit on 90mm hubs…
Clevers, haggys, psychokiller guys need not apply…

:smoking: :checkered_flag:


Also interested.

Just looked into getting some Metroboards 155’s shipped to the EU but the shipping costs are mental.

I remember reading that the Urban Treads wear out really quick and that the Evolves have a high rolling resistance. Is any of that true?

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loot for Sumate 155mm tire onAli…


Dude. Can you link it. Can’t find anything…


Sunmate is on Alibaba, not AliExpress. They take small orders.


nope… I’ve only chased them once… they’re the same as metro’s moestooge clued me in with the same info i gave above…

I decided to buy direct from metroboard and fukk ali and their huge waiting/shipping times and poor customer service… Buy them from Ian at Metroboard and support our own or get your google foo working… or buy from metrobaord

they also copied TB AT’s tires and stuff… fuck those guys…


So support the vendor who is selling the copies but don’t support the vendor who created the copies? :joy:

Jk just pulling your leg. Idc


I don’t care @moon:doughnut: :doughnut:

peeps will do what peeps will do, but I’ll not assist them, they also ripped off copied trampa’s hubs…

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Link or they don’t exist…
Funny enough timing though…
I got these today…

If I like them I am screwed because I destroy pneumatics and these are pricey…
They look awesome though…


I got shit hubs from them, the spokes are not even drilled correctly… I asked for a replacement and they want me to pay shipping, fuck them.


MBS hubs or bust really. No point spending much money on hubs unless they are made from billet alu

So no trampa derivatives



the ONLY reason I even brought it up was someone complained and cost and shipping…

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BTW the Metroboard tubes are the best tubes I’v experienced…


Good thing you talked me out of buying actual superstars. The way I see it now I have 2 sets of front wheels.


What the hell is happening here? The hole is that much out of place?


I don’t really know, I guess they are hand drilled maybe. I spoke to someone else who got those hubs and his were not misaligned.
Cant use them on a gear drive adapter that’s for sure.

I think that right one is the worst there is maybe less than a millimeter between the edge and the hole.
Don’t mind the stains on the workbench, it’s paint and wood finish I swear.

and those fukkin’ cheap ass bearings… now ya see why I don’t wanna throw links around? if’n ya wanna buy crap ya’all can find it yourself…


Fak I didn’t even see that dent in the bearing shield