6,000 Samsung 50E - COST PRICE - Group Buy

A while ago we were planning on a different battery configuration. Due to the battery shortage I purchased 6000 Samsung 50E cells upfront but then decided to use a different cell. I paid $4.59 / cell (EXW Shenzhen) and there is 5,880pcs left after making one sample battery. If someone is interested in purchasing them all or organizing a group buy please let me know. Not trying to make any money, just recoup what was invested to reallocate it to other projects.

I am not looking to organize a group buy and ship individual cell orders. So if someone is interested in doing that please feel free to do so. If you would like to mark up the cells slightly for your time I’m sure there wouldn’t be any objections. Who ever is organizing would need to collect payments and then send one payment to BKB.

The factory can assist in shipping to the “distributor” so that is not an issue.


Do you have a photo of the printing on the cell’s plastic wrap or know if they are 50E, 50E2, or 50E3 cells?


So the cells would be coming from China?

Was uploading that as I saw your reply!

@glyphiks yes, EXW Shenzhen


Samsung 50E2 and a pretty good date too.


Wow Bro…30k in 50e cells :astonished: I’ve got one word…baaaalllleeeeer!


Sounds like a good opportunity for a tax write off . Right now they are available ex EU for USD 3.8472 any amount over an order of 300 units.


If you can ship to the uk I would take quite a few (300-500)

I can’t remember is it 50E << 50E2 ≈ 50E3? Or is it 50E3 being notably better than the others, or just two incremental upgrades

He’s selling all of them as one bundle.

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Ah misread then
I thought he was offering a group buy as long as one of us run it

Someone can front the cost for the cells and then run a group buy

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Let me go check my piggie bank for $27,000


Sorry I stole it last time I was over. I don’t think 24 pennies, 3 dimes, 18 nickels, 2 quarters, and a wad of chewing gum quite covers it.

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4.75 at 1000 units.

There’s very little margin here, and that’s before you factor in risk, and logistics. I don’t see how the math behind this potential group buy can workout.


Sorry for stealing your topic, but for anyone in EU.
I might have a few thousand 21700 cells, Samsung 48X, they’re atleast 2 years old tho but never used.

I need to clear it with my boss but they’re just collecting dust atm. Such a shame.


That’s the more accurate description.
We’re not talking fundamental differences here though. It’s all relative. You will not get twice the run time with 50E3 vs 50E. It’s still basically the same cell. But IMO you would notice a difference between a 50E pack and a 50E2/50E3 pack.

I strongly urge anyone considering two different cells, or versions of a cell, to test both before making any purchase. It’s the only way to quantify any differences between them for your particular application and priorities/preferences.