47T & 60T 15mm Bergmeister Pulleys $75

Google form https://goo.gl/forms/2QcSSmIGRyEDA0fM2

15mm belt width

6061-T6 Aluminium Black Anodizing

$75 for 2 pieces


For use with 8/10/12mm axles

  1. 638 (8mm inner diameter / 28mm outer diameter / 9mm width)

  2. 16100 (10mm inner diameter / 28mm outer diameter / 8mm width)

  3. 6001 (12mm inner diameter / 28mm outer diameter / 8mm width)


Starting a new batch since a few people have been messaging me about it.


60t😥, pulleys look money tho

Someone’s asking for 47T so I am making them too

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Dude sweet

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How do I specify I want 47 instead on 60. I already placed the order before reading that part lol

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Tell me here and Ill make a note of it

Give me that 47 please!!!

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Any way I could score a 60t pulley bar from you? 250-500mm long?

Just a stock bar?

2 sets of each flavour for me please (2 × 60t 2 x 47t)

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Ok should I change your form post then, it says 3?

I think it would be good to specify how much axle space is required :upside_down_face:
Btw these pulleys are great, I got 60T

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yes please @moon update to 4

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I’ll confirm. But I reckon it will work comfortably with tb218mms and surfrodz

Still bolt on so bearings optional

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Yes! 60 t

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I can check for you. I don’t make these myself just so you know

I see. If you could check your source that would be well appreciated.

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Drawings have been sent to the factory now. I will make them straight away. 15 days to make, 10 days to ship. +5 days for anything that goes wrong.

30 days min. wait.

Please fill the Google form :slight_smile:

EDIT - Pulleys have been ordered

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How come most are switching to 47 now from 60? 60 used to be the golden standards? Everyone wants more top end now assuming one uses the same motor pulley. Just trying to figure out the advantages.