40T's - anyone still need some (SOLD)

Title is pretty clear. Just had 120 new samsung 40T’s arrive at my house (SoCal, USA) over the weekend and the buddy I was splitting them with doesn’t have the cash anymore to get them so I have 60 I want to sell now. Brand new in the box ready for your riding pleasure.

I can double check but I believe I paid a little under $600 for the 120, so roughly $5 per with shipping and paypal fees. Buyer would be responsible for the shipping cost to them but I can send them out same day so long as I have payment by 4pm PST.

Payment can be done anyway you want, I can take a credit or debit card, or the normal paypal, venmo, cash app, bit coing, zelle, bank transfer etc.

Technically i have 60 cells, thinking about it though would like to keep a few extra just in case so ideally want to sell 55 to one person, but hmu here or PM and we can sort it out.

Thanks, Jansen.


I need 35 cells ! Happy to take 34 for the pairs

What are they charged to? 3.4 volts?

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Let me check with lei if I can fit more in the enclosure…


Please let me know if any of these gent’s plan on getting it, if not I’ll take the 60 are 55

I haven’t even put a volt meter to them yet. I will do that shortly and let you know though.

Will do @ATC they have some interest on DM and looks like they might be gone now, but I should know once I hear back and will let you know before the end of the day. If they aren’t gone to one of these peeps then they are yours my friend!

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Tested 3 randomly and they are all at 3.42 FYI for anyone who wanted to know.

where in socal? i’m in LA, could possibly take the whole lot.

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I’m in OC (Anaheim Hills) but it’s looking like the first person to DM just gave me a confirmation on all 55 I’m looking to get rid of. Will updated this thread though once payment has been received fella’s. Sorry, those went quick status.


Sorry guys, first in inquirer got them. These are sold and about to get shipped.

Please delete threads #mods.