40" Evo || BN 220's || Dual TB 6374 190kv || TB 110 Arctic Blues || 10s4p VTC6 || Unity

Been riding the thing for a long while now, never got to updating. Huge upgrade over my old board, I take this thing out every chance I get! So far the fastest I’ve gone is 32 mph, we’ll see how much further I can push it. Some of the local roads get kind of scary.

Major Parts List
Deck: Landyachtz Evo 40"
Enclosure: Evo SS by @eBoosted
Trucks: Boardnamics 220 Adjustable + Idler
Wheels: TorqueBoard 110 74A Arctic Blues
Motors: Dual Torqueboard 6374 190kv
Motor Pulleys: Torqueboard 18T 15mm
Wheel Pulleys: FatBoy 44T 15mm
Battery: 10s4p VTC6 by @thisguyhere
Controller: Hoyt Midnight Puck

Price: ~$1800 USD

More detailed breakdown:

Huge thanks to @Kellag, @thisguyhere, @BillGordon. It’s been a while but still, thank you for all of your help.


Love LY Evo builds🥰. Really wish you the best.

Two questions.
1: what made u decide to get an Evo? Have u tried one before?
2: why did you go with a 10s4p battery?
Why not 12s4p or 10s5p is there any particular reason?

I’m a curious member.


I went with an Evo based on recommendations and due to the fact that someone that lives in my same building also has a Landyachtz board, I took a look and really liked the quality. Because I don’t have much experience riding different decks, I mostly just tried to go with what was tried and true.
As for the battery, I really just didn’t see the need to go beyond 10s, at least when I was looking at speeds and gearing ratios. I maxed out at 20mph on my old board and this will theoretically hit 30mph, I don’t want to go faster than that at this point. If that’s not a good idea, please let me know!

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Why not go 10s5p for more range?
Cost or weight an issue?


The mounts with idlers might be too long to fit under your deck + I get belt skipping with them. Maybe I suck at setting them up / picking a belt length, but yeah…

Excellent part selection for a first build. Can’t see much going wrong :slight_smile:

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That seems crazy. Do you skip on acceleration or braking?

Skips when breaking, because the idler only helps in one direction. The other direction is looser than it usually would be, compared to a mount with no idlers.

If your idlers are facing down (on inward mounted motors) skipping on braking shouldn’t be an issue.

Well, it’s facing up on my brother’s board. On my friend’s board they’re facing down, which adds a lot of resistance to free-roll. Haven’t actually ridden that one to test if they skip on acceleration then…

I could but I also don’t really see myself ever going further than 10 miles without being able to charge. I’m primarily going to be using this for campus and the occasional joyride. I suppose I could if I wanted to and I was going to originally, but I just don’t see where it’d be practical for me. Plus reduced cost and weight is a plus, I used it to justify buying FatBoys haha


Hm ok interesting. If I run into any issues I may just mount them towards the rear anyways.

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