4.12 powers up for 2 sec, then shuts off again

I’m using the flipsky 4.12 and I was running dual on 12s when the power cut out. When I was trouble shooting the power would turn on but then cut out. However I noticed that one Vesc still had the green leds. First I replaced the bms and power button but the problems are still here. The Vesc that is working right will turn on for about 1 or 2 seconds but then shut off. It also gets really hot and will not connect to Vesc tool. Any suggestions? I haven’t ridden more than 50 miles on these new vescs so this is disappointing

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Are you running the dual or two single ones? BLDC or FOC?

I am running 2x single 4.12 on bldc.

Maybe the 12s battery killed them; don’t think those escs have the voltage protection diode that focboxes for example have.

I have been running 12s on my fsesc 4.12 BLDC for like 2 months now and I don’t have any problem. But my setting is very conservative.

Motor 30A

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Yes but the strange thing is it powers up for about 1-2 seconds and then shuts off… the pcb also heats up really fast. I’m thinking there is something blocking the flow of energy. I checked for loose wires but there were none
@JohnnyMeduse do you have any thoughts? I know you are the wizard

What is the voltage coming our of the battery?