3kw Razor E300 w/ 75100 VESC, 6355 190kv, & 3D printed sprocket

Been tinkering with this for a while, but after cranking the max current up to 75A it’ll climb hills easily. 60A wasn’t enough; motor is rated for 80. Max speed on flat ground is about 25mph on the 13/92 pulleys. I wanted it to be somewhat stealthy, so the frame hasn’t been modified. 3D printed parts are my designs. The battery still needs a BMS, and I may build something that fits better, but for now it’s what I need for some errands within a couple miles of me.


Nice work!

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Wow that’s a solid first post! I like the idea of buying a reasonably cheap scooter and upgrading if you need it rather than committing to DIYing a big expensive solution from the beginning. Then again maybe you just ship of Theseus it and end up overbuying everything

Is that the original motor mount or is that one of the 3D printed parts you mentioned?


hey dude, I have an e100 I was thinking of modifying. How did you mount that motor?

This is solid!

I did something similar to an e200 and this worked perfectly.

Basically I tore apart the motor and then used the shell of the motor as a mount for the brushless motor.

Bonus acts as a bash guard.

The crappy slots are so I could get the chain tension set and then not have the idler

I had a 6374 inside and it worked great.


That’s a very elegant way of doing it, though it does remind me a bit of buffalo bill wearing the old motor’s skin


Thanks for the kind words everyone. And to answer the question about the mount: it’s my custom design and mounts to the same points as the original motor. The only difference is that the screws come up from the bottom instead of coming down from the top.


Hi, i love your design and i am also building one similar to yours. I am not good with 3d designing, thats why i wanted to ask you if you could share with me your 3d files for the motor Mount. Thank you.

I liked the original motor on mine. Thing runs like a diesel engine.

:joy:. I did put 72volts and i reached 40kmh and i weight 120kg. But my motor burned in 5 minutes, but i enjoyed it a lot Jajajja.