3D servias nano gear drive assembled on TB218 trucks

3D servias gear drive w/bergmeister wheel adapter and kegel wheel adapter
tb218 w50 degree and 44 degree calber baseplates. riptide pivot bushings and nipple bushings. $260shipped for everything


Deal of the century right here. GLWS.


Well damn that’s a good deal. What’s the catch


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Sorry @skyart. Been talking to him on esk8builders. Ive already asked for his paypal

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Oh dang! That is a great deal, needed these for my 4wd :sob:

I just need any gear drive back… im done testing the janux gear drive and need a set badly

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I have some gnarly hills by my place and the gearing on this drive does not give me enough torgue to get all the way up the hills with 2wd. So I figured convert to 4.

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San fran? Im lucky enough to be pretty much flat in south daygo.

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Damn @Skyart this is the second time you missed out on gear drives😭


Lol!!! Yep

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Love south daygo, use to live there, I live in oakland these days

Yo @BillGordon. These have been bought by me!


You said you’re done testing janux GD, was there a ‘give these back when you’re done’ stipulation, or were you just not satisfied?

Had to give them back. I said upfront I expected nothing back. To be fair… he did off the gear drives for free BUT I needed to purchase a set of his hubs to make them work.
I have a set a bergmeisters and I dont need another set of hubs. The hubs were pretty much the same price as this drive.

These are pretty much at the same ratio i was running the janux. They were 18t/42t and these are 14t/34t. Being the curious guy I am, I decided to go with these…plus I can compare the two drives!

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Are these the v3 or v4…? I cant quite tell :face_with_monocle:

If theyre v4, ill be keeping an eye out for your ‘official thoughts’. I need GD in my life, and its a toss-up for me right now