3d printer (uk) direct drive - huge build surface

cr10 pro v2
running hero me gen 5 mounts (part cooling)
titan aero direct drive (tons of spares)
volcano hotend (tons and spares and a v6 hotend)
borsillicate glass plate
ton of spare filament
bl touch


really need it gone asap

has a huge print surface (300x300x400)
and it prints really nicely and super quick
comes with a ton of spares (fans/nozzles/mounts/etc…)

happy to ship (you cover cost of postage)
or collection

need it gone asap


Might need to adjust the price if you want rid of it quickly, it seems to retail for around that or cheaper

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Also more than one crappy picture of the printer lol


I think the main value add here is the 20kg or so of filament. If I was in the UK I would have considered picking up some of the filament, but shipping it overseas doesn’t make sense.

i was thinking…
this printer has low usage
huge amount of upgrades (hotend + etxrueder = £100 - bed = £30 etc…)
tons of filament (10kg+ = £80 or so)

therefore i dont think £400 is over the top

that was just to stop thread from getting shut
good pics coming later

the filament wouldnt change the cost of shipping overseas
the size of the parcel is gonna make it quite a lot however much it weighs
surprisingly dpd have some really good offers on big parcels

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Ah I missed the “tons of spare filament” line among everything else, didn’t realise it came with it

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new pics

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bump bump bump

anyone wanna take?
need it gone

bump bump
need it gone