3d printed Push fit kegel pulleys

I’ve always used push fit pulleys with a bearing on all my Abec wheels. Now I was forced to run a bolt on pulley for my TB110 wheels because I have yet to print a durable enough pulley to do the same thing although I know it’s possible because LHB does it with shape ways.

With the bolt on pulleys I notice I have to have my belts much tighter so that the belt dosnt slip during hard braking or acceleration. I guess with out a bearing there is movement in the wheel and pulley that allows the belt to slip under high tension if not tight enough.

I’ve tried PETG and PLA so far both seem to be too brittle. I have not tried abs due to lack of ventilation and I have a carbon fiber reinforced PC filament that may be perfect for this purpose but I need to make an enclosure to be able to print this.

What material do you guys reccomend?

@mmaner do you think you can try to print one out of ABS to see if that is a viable material. I’d pay you for a set lol

Here is my thingiverse file for a 36t pulley I remixed for the TB110 wheels. I have a 12mm and 15mm belt options.


I’d be happy to, it’ll be a couple of days. Im waiting on a new glass bead, mine shattered.

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Ah dang that sucks. If mine ever broke I’d use a mirror in the future it’s cheaper and more available. Also mirrors have to be perfectly flat so that the reflection dosnt come out distorted so it’s great for 3d printing.

Thanks though I’m in no hurry :slight_smile:

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good idea. i wonder if they can stand the heat without cracking?

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I’ve seen a bunch of guys on the 3d printing forums use mirrors with out issues. I think it should be fine.

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Cheap mirror from micheals is holding strong under all kinds of abuse and handles the heat with no problems.


Ikea mirrors are commonly used on 3d printers without issue.


Petg is to brittle? My pulleys are just fine on petg but they are bolt on. What trucks are you using btw?

This get resolved? I’m testing some CF infused pc right now

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I have CF infused PC but I have not upgraded my printer to be able to print it yet. I believe the Carbon PC material will be a winner and would work perfect for this application.

This design works but PETG cracks or breaks with this much force. I had some PLA versions actually last me a quite a bit but eventually would crack.