3D Printed mounts

Hello, my first build, helped by French ESK8 Forum. Some used parts for prototyping except for board from MBS and sprockets and chain from Overion.

Ballad board / MBS comp 95 / trucks Matrix v1 / SK8 130kv / 3d printed Mount / FSESC 4.12 / Flipsky vx1 / 2 X 6S 12A Graphene



I ran 3D printed ABS mounts for about two months. 3D printed motor plates 6.5mm thick were lasting about a month before they would start to crack around the bolts. Also had issues with bolts loosening a lot. But they’re good for working prototypes.
Given the amount of threaded rod and such in yours, I suspect they have a bit of weight. Great idea and execution. Just keep an eye on them


Nice work, love the idea

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Thanks for sharing your experience, maybe the issue around the bolts is the ABS itself, Cathode from esk8.fr think that PLA is more powerfull because is more flexible.

Next design is near to be printed, we are confined here for the next 6 weeks because of Corona, enough time to prepare the new mounts

About bolts loosening, i experience it for my maiden ride, but with 2 stainless washers to avoid ABS crunch and some thread lock glue, no more issues.

Stay tuned !!!

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I’ve printed in PLA before and it’s been good, no cracks or anything after a while either. That being said, I rode during the winter and here in Texas, I’m not sure how it would fair in the summer due to temperatures.


If you trust plastic 100% not to break while going 40kmh then you can use them…

About summer temperatures, the PLA melted point is reached at 60°c. Easy under the Sun for a little part, 3d printed planes for e.g. , i print mine in clear colour to minimize Solar effect, but the mounts are at least 15mm thickness. Motors heat them much more when i climb to the lake.
@Acido i read the message in the message, it’s not a matter of trust, constrains are about 15NM, if you Can Rise the board pushing on mounts with 15kg on nose, you reach the point.

But i will watch on them, trust don’t excluded control

Stay tuned !!!

I just got a few spools of pc-abs filament which I’m going to try making mounts with. I also found something called “super-PLA” which is supposed to be about 7x stronger than regular PLA. I’ll try it out and report the results.
@maxxhimum I heard somewhere that painting parts can help reduce heat and UV issues, at least for abs. Dunno if that’ll work with PLA though.

I’m thinking about trying taulman 910 or a high grade abs. I don’t recommend PLA, mostly because of its low thermal resistance.

PLA + is a crap shoot. I’ve use some that was amazing and done that was not so great. They are all mostly PLA/ABS or PLA /petg blends

PLA is stiffer than abs, abs will flex more than PLA. But PLAs stiffness makes it brittle, meaning an impact of the forces it’s subjected to could cause cracks.
Abs has better thermals and much much better impact characteristics.

The biggest problem with the plastic mounts is their hardness. At the end of the day, it’s plastic. So lots of issues with washers sinking into the plastic mounts on m4 sized bolts. They were cracking between the mount bolts and the edge of the bracket at the end hanger end. BN hangers and mounts. That’s the narrowest wall section with a 50mm OD of the bracket there and a 40mm M4 boot circle. The clamping forced of the m4 bolts were pulling through the slots.and the plastic to keep them from slipping. Beyond that, they were great. I think a fixed mount would fix most of these issues.

PLA will soften at around 50-60 degrees celsius, I also used a 3D printed mount for some time, in summer the motor will heat up and screw up the mount…

Taulman 910 is expensive but incredibly strong, I’ve printed 60t pulleys with it, they’re still going. It does ask a lot of your average printer though, hotend temperature is something like 260 C, bed is also 75-80 if remember correctly.
You are absolutely right about the plastics in general, of course metal will be the best if you have access to the tools to work with it. As for pla, it’s just easiest and cheapest to work with, so it’s good mostly for prototyping.

Great for prototyping. The abs mounts I had did well with a crossbar as well.

Hi , New mounts , all PLA, Chain tension by excentric motor mounts. To be tested soon.


I like the adjustable cam motor mount idea!

Can I suggest teeth to help lock it in?

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locked by threated bolt rod

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yes I see where the clamp is bolted shut but what stops the cam rotational slippage? might need more then just tension.

I bet on the claw pressure, fdm print in 0.3mm are textured, the only issue is to Lost tension, we’ll see !!!

Don’t forget, it’s an elliptic design.

PETG with heat set threaded inserts. Still a work in progress as I am waiting on some parts. No idea if it will hold up but its is worth a shot.

Too much rotation may cause some issues with the cable orientation

Cool idea though

I get your point, this is the biggest issue, if the motor slip the cable will not survive.