3D printable toe-hook (similar to Free-bord)

Here’s a 3D-printable rendition of a “Free-bord style” toe-hook that I made. I changed the way that it mounts a little because I never liked the way that the Free-bord bindings were fastened. I’m not exactly certain why. I think it has something to do with the fact that you have to turn them a lot to get a small change in the angle on the toe-hook. This way works better for me.

The hook part slide-adjusts and locks into place with 1/4" x 1 1/4" bolts and t-nuts. It has a 3/4" range. I reinforced the post on the baseplate with a 5/16" x 1 1/12" bolt. This bolt-hole can also be used for fastening the bindings to your deck, but a longer bolt would have to be used. The mounting-holes on the base-plate are the same width as truck-holes and there is a range of adjustment right around 30 degrees.

I haven’t had a chance to do testing with these, but they do seem quite sturdy. If you give them a shot, be careful and check them frequently to make sure that they aren’t starting to break.


The spring-loaded design in the back-ground is a stop on the way to making a ratcheting toe-hook that would clamp down like a safety bar on a roller coaster and then release with a button.


This is very cool, I might give it a try! Though I would print the deck-mount part 90° from the orientation you have it, so the layer lines are straight up and down when it’s mounted to the deck. That way it doesn’t want to snap along one of those layer lines.

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Thanks man. That probably would be a better way of going about it. Hopefully, the 5/16" bolt helps out either way.

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I would love to be able to mount these to the existing binding holes on my Haero Bro. Would you be interested in designing a mounting bracket for that? I’m pretty sure that MTB decks use a standardized bolt pattern for bindings, so that could be one-size-fits-all for carvers and eMTB’s :smiley:

I would be happy to help out!

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Mind if I grad the stp file from you so I can change the mounting holes on the bottom bracket.

This is awesome dude! Great job!


What do you think about a toolless height adjustment? I had envisioned it could just be a chunky tab you have to bend then you can pull it up a notch or ratchet it back down.

Like a huge reusable foot zip tie basically

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I might be able to figure that out. In this design the bolts squeeze the toe-hook part in place which gets rid of play between the two parts. It keeps it from wiggling. That could be a possible problem for a tool-less design.


Thanks man, I’ll try to get the stp files loaded shortly.


They should be available now.