3D files / CAD request thread

If a 6485 SKP reacher in 10mm axle is what youre after i can get most of those dims

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Anyone got files for mountainboard bindings? MBS or Trampa ones preferably.

The entire 3d model? Or are you just looking for something like the bolt pattern

MBS F5 Binding v17.step (4.7 MB)
MBS F5 Binding with Heelstrap.stl (9.3 MB)

I’ve found these files somewhere on this forum, but I don’t know how accurate they actually are


That looks like the model from my cad dump thread. Its not super accurate since I only made it for a visual aid. If you got any specific dimensions you wanna know then I can probably verify them but I made this model like 2-3 years ago so I don’t remember how accurate things are.


It’s more than enough thanks. Just using them as visual aid as well.

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Hi, does anyone have the cad file for a 50xx or 60xx motor shell and stator, ideally below 70mm tall? Thanks!

hi, does anyone have the step file of motor mount for 20x20 truck? Thx!

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do you rather it be single part?

or two part?

sorry that is 3+ parts,

this is 2ish part


single part is very beautiful ))

Does anyone have the CAD for the Acedeck NYX Z1 trucks?

Has someone made a case for a dual FSESC 6.9?