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32” Electric Skateboard for sale

Meepo 10s2p battery with meepo V3 esc inside all enclosed in a riptide enclosure. Meepo V3 dual hub motors. I’ve gotten it to 27mph and I’m about 185lb’s. Realistic range of 10-15 around my hilly campus. About a $600 build, looking to sell for $500.


That’s awesome :heart_eyes: personally I would’ve moved the rear trucks back a bit and tried to fit in a 10s3 or 4p, but this is pretty cool man :ok_hand:

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Just looking to sell it now, as much as I love it I must bid it fairwell

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Not trying to knock your item but you can get a brand new Meepo mini 2 XR for about $630.

Are you selling your board for $600?


Needs a stated selling price, my friend.


This is the exact same deck as my “Zhong”.
Great setup, everyone who’s tried it loves the deck.

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Honestly, 10s2p is perfect for this setup. This board is the ideal beer/campus/metro board. Any more cells and it’s too heavy to carry around for long time.


I get 10 miles (12 if completely to zero) on flat grounds. Did you actually test this?

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Bigger is better :muscle:

… until you have to carry your board for half a day ^^

Edit: unless…You also have bigger:


Until you need to actually use the board in a city, to do city things, like getting groceries or going to a bar or getting on a subway or walking through a business that would definitely be mad if you were riding indoors, or walking around inside campus buildings, etc.

Of course, unless you’re this guy

Otherwise, 10S2P is awesome on a board like this :smiley:


I did indeed, I got just over 10 miles going actually around campus and riding on the greenway(just a fairly level paved path) I was getting even better. I’m looking for $500 but I doubt that’ll happen

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$500 hopefully

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And brand new meepo mini 2 [standard range] for $429
(I believe this board has the standard range 10s2p battery)