300€ Dickyho cheap street board to get by, what do you think?

I’ve been researching for weeks now for components to reuse my 83mm clones and caliber 2 trucks and got sick of it, it was always cheaper to get complete drive kits. What do you thing of this setup?

Dual Drive Kit w 90mm wheels: https://www.ebay.it/itm/DIY-dual-1500W-electric-longboard-drive-kit-90MM-wheel-7-trucks-5055-180-270KV/302590418888

Esc and remote combo: https://www.ebay.it/itm/Dual-motors-longboard-skateboard-controller-with-remote-ESC-Substitute/302812941839?var=601709105318

Meepo style dickyho’s enclosures

Battery: 2x3s 5000 lipo from hobbyking

Deck: My self built board from which I’ll take off the hardware I wanted to use

Grand total of 300€ if I include the lipo’s which I already had

I’m unsure if the esc works with the sensorless motors of the drive kit, do you know?

Do you think there is a ready made board that is better than this?

What hardware could I get instead, so I can use my original trucks and wheels?

Why not just get caliber mounts and a pair of motors from dickyho?


The only problem with your parts is the hanger & mounts. They will brake eventually.
Like @Skunk said, get real calibers and you can use @dickyho mounts and all the rest gear.
That ESC will work with sensorless motors but you could get 2x RacerStar 5065, they are sensored and are the ones used in Evolve.

If you have Caliber II trucks and Kegel or ABEC 83mm clones, you can get a pair of drive kits from dickyho for (probably) under $90, they would come with…

  • motor mounts with a Caliber II hanger adapter (they are really nice) with a cross bar (I carry a mountain board with that crossbar)
  • motor pulleys (you can specify 12T to 20T for 15mm belt, and some of them are steel with key slots)
  • wheel pulleys (36T, 40T, or 44T for Kegel or ABEC)
  • belts (just specify the size you want, use this calculator and the center distance is 95mm to 100mm on the long mounts)

If you get the ESC and enclosures from him and buy through the forum, you can save some on shipping and eBay fees…absolute 10/10 experience with him

He has cheap motors that don’t look half bad, you can pick up some clone red MayTech 6355 sensored motors in 150kv to 270kv for the same as a Racerstar

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I’m running a 6s setup but I’m thinking of upgrading to 10s in the future. A 15-36t would get me a max of 33km/h for the 270kv @6s, but will they be strong enough? Or is a lower kv better? Also if I were to build a new board in the future and wanted to reuse these motors for AT wheels will they work ok?

Be you I would definitely try to reuse those caliber 2 trucks and 83mm clones, it will be better setup than that dual drive kit combo.

Don’t buy that crappy esc. Go for vesc, you can get flipsky vesc 4.12 for 55usd from the aliexpress.

If you are located in EU, I can 3D print pulleys for you for the price of filament (around 0.025EUR per gram, PETG). I could even 3D print trucks for you if you want to go budget. Or enclosure, it just needs to fit to 190x190x165mm.

I haven’t seen dickyho’s trucks breaking yet, have you?I am under the impression that he’s usually careful about that. And promptly replaces and upgrades if anything goes wrong.

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@Grozniy wasn’t talking about dickyho’s trucks breaking, he was saying that OP should get dickyho’s trucks instead of those in flipsky set

Okay, so here is my current reasoning for this board:
If possible I wanna avoid 3d printing for durability, at least on the mechanics. Since i’m already wanting to buy from @dickyho I might as well get everything including the vesc, motor and motor mounts and a few spares as well.
Thinking about future upgrades makes things more difficult, so I decided to keep this board street for the longer period of time.

@6s, for a top speed around 30/35kmh is a dual 230kv 15-36t good?
when i’ll get the 10s lipo(talking at least 6 months), will getting 12-40t pulleys work on the 83mm wheels?

Are the extended motor mounts necessary or will the standard ones work too?

Is the belt width important for such a setup?

what would be a good size motor for this? From what I could tell they shouldn’t be longer than a 64, but what about diameter? I’d like to keep weight down hence I’ll carry it often to get to class but I don’t want to make a wrong decision getting 5055 motors

or would 200kv motors on 20-36t work better?

this is the current components, what do you think? the damn vesc make it 100€ more

Why don’t you go for flipsky ones? I don’t think there is much of the difference from maytech. They don’t brand them as VESC, but they are VESC based. Just get 4.12 version and not the 4.20 which seem to have some problems.


I do agree that 3d printed motor mounts will be shit, maybe 3d printed smaller pulley as well. But I’m sure that 3d printed bigger pulley will hold well, especially if you go for 15mm version. 3d printed parts are more durable than you think.

On the other hand, you definitely won’t go wrong with metal machined parts.

This. It’s the same vesc and you can get for 50/piece

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You don’t want the trucks to break while you’re riding fast so get at least calibers or Paris trucks.
Only 36t works with 83mn
Extended mounts depend on the deck, height, motors.
Get a gym membership and workout to be able to carry the board, also chicks dig the guns.
Single motor’ 6364 at least. Dual motor 5055 is ok.

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I like extended motor mount because I can mount my motors at the back and they not close to the road. This reduces the likelihood of impact of small rocks on the motors.

There is no issue with using a 6s battery, as long as your battery current and esc battery current are in safe limits. So think about that. I would suggest to start with 10S setup for everything and just replace 10S battery when it arrives. In the meantime you just ride with reduced power(because of battery current limits you set in ESC)

More power requires wider belt. People who go for pneumatics almost always go for 15mm belt. If you decide to use 15mm belt, it makes it future proof(when you decide to go for pneumatics). Also you can run the belt a bit loose and that makes it easy on the mechanical components.

dual 6355 is plenty powerful for 90mm wheels. If you upgrade to off terrain setups(pneumatics) then upgrade to 6374. For 6355 motors vesc 4.12 is enough. Get cheap flipsky ones from aliexpress.

When mounting your esc on the board, make sure it is vibration isolated.

I’ve just checked for what I’m spending on this thing I can just get a meepo mini 2 or a meepo v3 including batteries and chargers. I’m not sure if this is worth the headache


For this price, Meepo is great
Spend a little more and change the deck to your liking

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By all means go for it.

We’ll see you back later then. No big deal.

Idk. Diy isn’t for everyone. Sometime a pre built is the right choice. Especially those on a budget.

Something on his budget build very well could brake and need replacement in the first month.

If that happens with the meepo at least he has some warranty. If his brakes its all out of his pocket.

For alot of people 20mph and 15mile range is plenty.