3 out of four axle locknuts seized on axle.

Anyone had my experience? 3 of 4 locknuts seized on me, and I barely got them back off. They had fouled the threads on the precision axles. Luckily I had a 3/8 24 die and fought to hand feed it. Lucky not to have to break out the triangle file. These were supplied with the trucks. So I cant go back to that type of locknut. Has anyone used lockwashers instead of locknuts?

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Did you install them with power tools? It sounds like they may have been cross threaded. Though another possibility is galling. Both are more likely when installing/uninstalling with piwer tools, but both are also possible with hand tools.

Lock washers are a joke. I would not rely on them. I’ve never heard of a nylock nut causing the problems you described, but if you’re absolutely set on not using one then I would suggest a regular nut with loctite or vibratite (and give it proper time to cure every time you install/uninstall the nuts).

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Nope, not cross threaded, no power. They went on smooth. They got smeared half way back off. I even used oil on one. It smeared too. I would spend more and get the ti locknuts, but ti smears worse if you don’t slather on Anti seize. The only thing I can imagine is, precision axles are a tight tolerance of thread form. Or, having busted thru the case hardening of modified shoulder bolts, it is similar to the hardness of the stainless nuts.


Another possibility is teflon thread tape. It will resist just enough to not back off.

I do actually use split washers on a build of mine, not sure how much I trust them. They have held fine but you have to make sure the axle has the appropriate spacers, as well as the wheel or hub spacers.


This happened to me once on an old BN axle. It was super strange, I thought I’d put the nut on like normal,
it screwed on easily without any resistance… but then it seized in place when I tried to unscrew it.

I assumed it was just cross-threaded somehow. Had to cut that shit off eventually, it really sucked.

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The 3/8-24 die saved my ass. Now I am using chrome acorn nuts. They work well,
but not backing out is a concern.

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Are you using stainless steel hardware?

The locknuts issued were stainless. Curious how hard the innards of a shoulder bolt are.

My first suspicion would be it’s because of the stainless steel. Try alloy steel, the non-stainless variety.


But they’re going to stain

and? As long as they work well. Looks are irrelevant.

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M12 nuts have entered the chat

Which trucks are these?

The nuts included are zinc plated steel, not stainless.
If I were home I would test run some to find the root cause. Possibly a badly cut thread.


BN, but I think they source the axles from another mfg. The axles are ground shoulder bolts.

Perhaps the zinc plating is faulty?

Are we sure the nuts used were not m12?

because that’s exactly what a m12 but will do to a skate axle thread & you can hand thread them on an axle the first few threads & tighten with a tool & not notice until too late then get mangled threads which fit the description of this problem exactly

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I dont think BN stocks m 12 nutz.