(3) - focbox unitys for sale brand spankin new

3 total up for grabs…
$325 shipped with full coverage insurance USA … Pick up in NYC area available… Fresh from my hands to yours…summer aint over get! Get to riding!

Dibs here followed by payment to accrobrandon@gmail.com

Can ship em on Fri afternoon!

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Here ya go :wink:.


Maybe it’s 400 rubies… :tipping_hand_man: Who knows


I hate it when people try to make a huge profit off other people who need shit


When it rains it pours…when it doesn’t is when the thirts comes in =)

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Its not a huge profit… If u ordered now theyre 350… Plus the wait…

Well. Get them while they last because they sure sell like hot cakes

Finally what everyone has been waiting for. A deal worse than paying 20% to cancel a Unity order.


Nah…if you already paid… Youre in the long haul… Like having sex with that one crazy chick whos super hot…if u cross the line then u know what u signed up for… However for those late to the game they can pay a lil more for less drama… Like slipping the bouncer a 20 not to wait in line and fuck with the bull shit…

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Why you didn’t just put them up on eBay or Facebook for this price? Nothing bad in making money out of that if it’s your thing, but as you very likely got them for 200$ a pop it’s a question of etiquette to put them up here on the forum for the double price. A place where people help and support each other and don’t try to get max money from the other person.
Again not complaining about the price or something, just :tipping_hand_man: everybody need to decide by his own how much the community here is worth him/her… :raised_hands:


I have something people want/need …i wanted 1 But had to buy 2… Something happened where I had to buy 4 to.use all my “credit” so i ponied up the cash… Theres CC fees with the purchase… A wait of 4mo and now the going rate has increased… Wanna save a few bucks? How about friends and family and you got no coverage… Wanna save a few more dollars? Lets not insure for the full purchase price and if it comes damaged thats on the buyer… If you do the math I’m offering an option thats covered and also delivers… Although I’m not close to “ballin” I.am almost 40 yrs old and dont mind shelling out $$ on things I want/need if it comes with less hassel…if I were a semi broke ass 20something I might balk a hair.more but I’m not sooo…


I’m not intrested in buying one, but how does enertions warranty work when you sell them second hand? Is there anything like a warranty om these ?

sorry just saw this… enertion only offers 60days standard so thered really be nothing to transfer, however if the extended warranty had been purchased that can be transferred according to thier site…

price adjusted at the top… $325 shipped in the US.

Any Unity left?

Somehow this reminds me of those golden evolve motors or the 107 flywheel deal bitd…

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Any Left? sent an email.

lmao. this entire thread everyone was shitting on OP for being a scalper.

But it all still sold.
Supply and Demand at its finest :wink: