3 core 12 awg silicone wire for motors?

Hi there, is there any reason why i haven’t seen anybody using a 3 core cable instead of 3 individual ones running from motor to esc?
Any recommendation for a not too stiff cable of good quality?


All chinese boards have motor cables like this.
Why you don’t see them here speaks for itself I think :slight_smile:

Most people here also have hormonal issues which makes them use cables that are rated 10x of what is needed :joy:


not sure if you understood right. i am talking of combining all 3 cables into one with 3 cores.

I understand.

I havent seen silicon wire sleeved up like this.

Trampa just puts a big heatshrink around the whole length.

that’s what i was wondering, doesnt that get terribly stiff? I bought a really nice connector which has all 3 combined plus sensor wires, but the cable is super stiff. I think the quality of the cable isn’t great, hence the stiffness.

Quality cable doesnt need to be flexible
Anywayw you put cable sleeve over your cables to look nicer


Just put a cable sleeve


Yeah, nylon cable sleeves work great. Can even double up the layers for more durability without compromising on flexibility. Heres some on Amazon, 8-10mm is probably a good width from my experience. Whenever you cut it be sure to melt the ends like a shoelace so it doesn’t unravel itself. https://www.amazon.com/uxcell-Rigging-Conduit-Expandable-Sleeving/dp/B01N45WLKL/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=10mm+Wide+Nylon+Mesh+Rigging&qid=1619790849&s=industrial&sr=1-2


I have found it but it was like 10.00 per meter for 3 conductor