20s8p and 20s9p Orientation Ideas

Hello guys. Do you mind helping me?

What do you think would be the best way to wire these?

This is the 20s8p

This is the 20s9p

16x10 is the way to go for 20s8p

Or 18x10 for 20s9p

Both configs you have drawn are going to be very unfun to build


It’s for this. The dimensions are fixed.

Then 16x10 for 20s8p (or smaller) is your only easy option

It turns out that I can only do 20/\s8p. No more space for more cells.

Those are both 20s8p. This one do you think would be the easiest for me to build?

I wouldn’t build either.


And why is that?

Because I value my sanity.

Ideally you want to build it so that your groups can be a regular and consistent shape, just because X amount of cells can fit into a certain space, doesn’t mean that they should.

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I see. Got it.