2023 Denver Discharge - CO August Event

2023 Denver Discharge

Gauging Interest

This will be a mixed PEV event from a friday night to a Sunday evening. Dates TBD. Nothing spectacular, no announcers, no big venue, no trading cards. We will have a track rented out for racing and riding on one of the weekend days. There will also be downtown rides, mountain rides, dirt rides, etc. Denver is a great place to ride, no matter the style or type of vehicle. We are planning to make this happen annually. We will have food, music, pev shipping accommodations, etc. More details to come.

Any interest? Thanks


That sounds dope, why august though won’t that clash with Carve PDX? Hard to make back to back trips


August would give us, and everyone, enough time to plan, make accommodations, etc. I’ll try to plan outside of pdx dates.


Everyone everywhere should attend this.


I’m definitely down whenever it is. I wonder if September might be even better though. :man_shrugging:t3:


Next year I vote for June, this year early September might be a good choice.


Its looking like late August, early September. Ill keep everyone updated. I’m about 80% sure myself and a couple others are going to make this happen. It might turn out bigger than I was originally planning, which I’m ok with.

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Man I reallly want to attend this but I’m already flying out to Portland for Carvepdx. Are you guys planning on this being a yearly thing? I would love to go next time.


This year will be used to get everyone out and get them interested in the event. After this, the event will be larger, ticketed, etc.

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Im down when is it, is there a website or something?

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