2023 Build of the Year Official - Voting

Thanks so much Evan for organizing this event and keeping the forum alive. Great new ideas! Thanks @Nacho for the nom, honored to be in the list of people that gets a prize!


@jjhoyt @BenjaminF

Thank you very much!!!


Hey Guys i’m so Happy to be a Part of this community and share my build with others. Saddly due to some trouble i had with the swiss police, i’m not as active in the esk8 hobby as i used to be. Since i cant really use any new parts, i want my price to be given to another person that can really profit from it. I’m not gonna be giving up Esk8, since its the best Hobby i ever but for the moment i’m gonna be focusing on other stuff.
Best regards Matteo


Oh dude that sucks! Sorry to hear it :sleepy:

I am in a similar boat, although not in trouble with the police, I just won’t be using the parts any time soon, I would like to donate my solos to @slizer18